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3 words for 2015

3 Words for 2015 - Steve Slater

My 3 words to guide 2015.

my 3 words for 2015

last week i wrote about the importance of reflection when doing biz

reflection is a look back at the road so far.

for me, the next step in the process is creating my vision for what’s next…
having a clear picture of where i want to go, and why.

vision is a look ahead at the next steps of your journey.

generally when i create my vision i do a lot of brainstorming, and
journaling, and connecting dots. and then i like to choose 3 words to
represent my vision.

My Three Words for 2015 | Kathy Nicholls

My three words for the new year. Three words instead of New Year's Resolutions, that create a north star for the year.

My 3 words for 2015 - Christopher S. Penn Blog

As another year rolls over, I look back at the three words I chose for the previous year to see how I did, then look at the new words for the coming year. I tend to pick words that are verbs when I can, because reciting them works as a subtle imperative for me to [...]

My 3 Words for 2015 #NoResolutions

My 3 Words for 2015 #NoResolutions - Raul Colon - Google+

3 words for 2015 - Phil Gerbyshak

I don't do resolutions. They don't work for me for long, and they don't help me achieve more or even feel better. I do do 3 words, to focus on and to look through as a lens to make my decisions. When faced with a hard decision, I ask myself if this is in alignment ...

Jeff Bullas

My 3 Words for 2015 @chrisbrogan

My 3 Words for 2015

Every year I choose three meaningful words to kick it off with a bang, plus I review the past year's selection. Want to see how I did? It's a habit I picked up from small biz guru Chris Brogan.

3 Guiding Words for 2015

Originally posted on just us...: Last year, I changed up the way I approached New Year's resolutions. I just simply dropped them. You know how resolutions go - you start with great intentions, but somewhere around the middle of February, we forget, or we simply don't care anymore.

My 3 Words for 2015 - Bill Rice

I've never done this before, but I think Chris Brogan is a pretty smart guy and he does it every year. Reason enough to step out and give it a try. If you're not familiar with the 3 Words a Year resolution/goal setting approach I encourage you to read the back story and Chris' three ...

My 3 Words For 2015

It was Chris Brogan who invented this simple way of keeping on track during the year. Rather than a list of objectives or goals which are hard to remember & use (unless you have them on your office wall, in pocket and everywhere).