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Business Process Outsourcing

Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services offers an array of Business Process Outsourcing - BPO services to effectively manage routine back office operations.
Are You Suffering From A Well Frog's View?

A constant urge to explore new avenues and exploit new opportunities helps businesses grow. If you do not have that urge to exploit new opportunities and if you lack the willingness to initiate a step towards new pastures, then you are probably suffering from - what is known as - A Well Frog's View.

Business intelligence meets Big Data To Give You Big Business Insights
Business intelligence, popularly abbreviated as BI, plays a pivotal role in the strategic planning process in an organization. BI involves gathering of relevant data from various locations and converting it into insights, so that the right and informed business decisions can be taken.
Build an effective customer relationship with data mining in retail industry
Retail industry has witnessed a tremendous surge in terms of the geographical area and its scope! Retail data mining helps in discovering the general behavior of the customers, identify the prevalent trends & shopping patterns. In this write up, we look onto how data mining applications affect Customer Relationship Management.
5 Transformational Trends for Business in 2015
Change is the only constant, and hence every business has to undergo a transformation and adapt to the changing trends in order to survive and keep up with the competition. Technology is one of the essential ingredients when it comes to running a business, streamlining it and making workflows efficient.
The 6 second Resume
A recent study based on the gaze trace technology, by online job-matching service, ‘The Ladders’ suggests that recruiters take just 6 seconds to review your CV. The study also stressed on the importance of a professionally written and formatted resume that places relevant information, where it will grab reviewer’s attention in the first 6 seconds.
What is facebook paper?
Mark Zuckerberg, the brain behind the success of Facebook had a huge challenge of making the Facebook brand a grand success on mobile devices. When the company tried to create a unique brand identity ... Mark Zuckerberg, the brain behind the success of Facebook had a huge challenge of making the Facebook brand a grand success on mobile devices.
7 Hot HR technology Trends in 2014
Concept of globalization continues creating its impact year on year. Businesses and employees now know of no geographical boundaries - making it much more necessary for employers to manage their teams well.
Get 2015 Business Coverage Now: Top 10 Business Trends to Dominate Success
The last day of year 2014 may make you feel a bit nostalgic with memories of all those ifs and buts – success and failures – Dos and Don’ts for the coming year and a lot more. Working for one of the leading outsourcing solutions provider organization – I too have jotted down some of the trends that I anticipate, based on learning from past year that will shape up businesses – companies and organizations in year 2015.
Business Intelligence (BI); An Absolute Disaster…!!!
I am of the opinion that when it comes to commentary with real world insights that are valuable ; you should always count on people who have faced disasters and still come out with flying colors. I took up the opportunity of kicking off a discussion with few of the clients of a leading software development company, who were previously associated with some other competitor company. The point of discussion was Top five Do’s that can turn your Business Intelligence (BI) solution into a disaster.
Avoid These 3 Common Blunders to Get Exemplary Results from Transcription Services

Ever wondered how some of the greatest speeches have managed to survive the wear and tear of time? – Because they were transcribed; each spoken word was keenly noted down on paper and this is how it manages to breath forever. Yes, you are right the credit goes to transcription service providers who have evolved with time into a fully-fledged industry!

Data Extraction Services will Change the Face of Travel Industry…!!!

Travel industry has come a long way! – With time and technological progress; travel sector has also done a new-age hat and has gone online. In fact, if you just type a random place; you will along with other search results, get links of numerous site providing hotel and ticket bookings. It has all become easy – As simple as clicking computer mouse or tapping on your smartphones! Though various web research services or web scrapping services are the back stage performers, but their role is vital in the entire success story.

Outsource Data Entry Projects to Get 5 Data Management Benefits...Free!!!

The news that "M.B.A. Programs have started following Silicon Valley In this Data Age" is making rounds these days. The belief that, MBAs are all decked up with finance and corporate strategies but lack big time when it comes to arts of this digital age such as A/B testing and data-driven decision making which happens to be the bread and butter, may it be personal or professional life of any individual; is taking up deep roots in minds of everyone.

Myths About Graphic Design Debunked…!!!

Myths prevail everywhere! Take any industry and you will be bombarded with numerous weird and sometimes funny notions, which are outright rumors or myths. Well, we cannot stop people’s (read, outsiders) (wild) imaginations — One instance and it generalizes, leading to a string of, yes you guessed it right — Myths!

Web Scraping Services Imperative for Effective Business Decision Making Process…!!!

Timely decisions determines how well you will succeed in your business venture! In fact, it plays a very crucial role when things are so dynamic tables can be turned at a drop of a hat! Any delay in translating brilliant ideas into actions at proper time becomes lethal in any business situation.

Web research - the most effective methods to catch on the nerve of volatile market

The world is moving at dynamic speed, posing numerous opportunities and challenges. Competition has become the norm of the day; and one of the best ways to beat the heat of this competitiveness and gain an edge is to be loaded with proper, relevant and updated information about the marketplace.

3 Steps to Collect and Process Impeccable Data

Businesses across the world are going through a transition phase – And this transition has resulted into a tsunami of information that comes pouring in almost every other day. It is important that these unrefined data is processed effectively to lay your hand on appropriate information that can hit the bull’s eye.

BPO the Road Ahead: 8 Strategies Transforming the Business Processes

Today BPO has adopted a more holistic approach towards transforming business process by delivering a smooth blend of operational, strategic and technological levers. While earlier, the only identity of BPO was continuous improvements and ERP roll outs, today it promises innovation and immense capabilities, which add value to your business.

Rediscover yourself or endure failure – India’s IT Festivity is over

India’s amazing job engine, the IT industry, is about to change big time. Past two decades witnessed the practice of getting a job in IT Company, the fastest way to increase your income. The industry worked as a launch pad for prosperity to millions of young Indians; including kids of cooks, peons, drivers and security guards, who propelled themselves in the middle class in a single generation by, taking up a job in BPO.

Systematic Product Data Entry Gets You an Efficient Ecommerce Store

Sky is the limit for Ecommerce market. It is widely anticipated that the market will witness an extremely steep upsurge in coming years. And hence, several merchants and sellers are bracing themselves to get into this new-age market with advanced online stores to apparently give a boost to their business.

What can a Professional Image Editing Service do for your Business?

The last decade has seen the emergence of visuals as a powerful form of social communication. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter rule the social media marquee. They all rely on the newness of words and visuals. As more and more people have been drawn into the social media web, sites like these have seen an increasing use for social communication by individuals, corporations, and brands alike.

Travel & Hospitality, Retail & eCommerce; Big Data Initiatives Leads to Success

Accurate & appropriate data processing is the key to success of any big data project, as they both go hand and hand

Reduce Operational Bottlenecks and Gain a Competitive Edge with BPO Services

Global business scenario has become fiercely competitive. Businesses, right from retail to logistics and from telecommunications to energy & utilities, are struggling hard to stay strong and achieve an edge over competitors.

Believe It or Not, Professional Photo Editing Leverages Your Real Estate Property Business

When asked about the real deal-makers in the real-estate business, most realtors (veteran and new-comers, alike) unanimously voted for quality of images of real

Hyper-Personalization through Meaningful Data can Augment Your Sales and Marketing ROI

The drastic shift in traditional business paradigm has made the marketplace extremely aggressive, in turn making the role of meaningful and updated...

Optimize Document Management Process to Facilitate Collaboration and Compliance

In this technology-driven era, digital transformation has spread across industries, however; its extent in the banking and financial sector is felt more, due to the global nature of the business. Regional banks or retail banks or global investment banks; everyone is in favor of digitizing their operations and embrace paper free culture.