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Updated by Patricia Carter on Dec 01, 2020
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Top 10 Pest Control Kits

Read on to know more about pest control kits that are available for common household pests.

Termidor SC

Unsuspicious termites easily consume it while going about their routine and also share it with other members of their community. The product catches them unawares suddenly leading to their death.

Suspend Spray

Suspend SC contains Deltamethrin as the active ingredient and leaves a colorless residue that goes on to kill pests for up to three months. This product works on ants and bees as well as moths, weevils, bugs, and many more species of pests.

Dr. T's Whole Control Mole Repellent

It is a completely natural product that acts on the food supply of moles. It is made with castor oil and is therefore is an environment-friendly product that also works on rats.


Wasp Freeze is a unique product designed to kill stinging insects indoors and outdoors. PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol provides lightning-fast action to prevent bees and wasps from releasing pheromones that attract other stinging insects.

Roach Control Kit

The kit is meant to contain the infestation and eliminate the possibility of future breeding in a particular area. The bait lures the roaches to the insecticide while the growth regulator acts on them during the egg and larva stage.

Silverfish Control Kit

As a preventive measure, you can spray the outside foundation wall so that no pests come in. If spraying doesn’t help, look for the food source that is sustaining the breeding ground.

DuPont Ant Killer

DuPont has patented Indoxacarb, an oxadiazine pesticide better than others because it remains active even after digestion and is passed on to other insects by bait sharing.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs for bees kill the insects outside the hive and make it feasible to try something without getting bitten by the entire swarm. A bee killer powder or spray can then be used to kill the remaining bees in the nest.

Demon Roach Spray

It is a long term residual insecticide that not only kills roaches, but is equally effective on spiders, crickets, etc. It has a 40%concentration of cypermethrin.

Talpirid Mole Bait

The bait comes in the shape of an earthworm, each worm has lethal poison that kills mole within 24 hours of consumption. The bait has been proven to kill moles on the field.

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