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Updated by Denise Wakeman on Nov 21, 2015
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Top 11 Blog Posts on in 2014

The top 11 blogs as determined by average daily page views and social shares, presented in order from most popular at the top spot.


Five Ways to Use Text Images to Promote Your Content

Whether you call them "text images" or "text pictures" or "image quotes," using images with text is a content marketing trend that's not going away anytime soon. You've probably noticed a lot of bloggers use text images to promote their content, particularly blog posts.

How to be a Kickass Blogger - With Guest Lynne Knowlton

In this Adventure in Visibility, I hung out with Lynne Knowlton of Design the Life You Want to Live. We talked about how Lynne's visibility skyrocketed when she made one simple decision about how she was going to approach her blog. Lynne's secret to blogging success is simple.

How to Find Your Ideal Client on Social Media

Awhile back I asked you and others in my social networks: What's your biggest question about creating visibility for your business, on the Web? I received over 60 questions (to date) and was moved by the frustration so many online entrepreneurs expressed about how to get their message heard and seen in the cacophony of the Web.

Crowdsourcing Content to Engage Fans and Write a Book

Whatever you call it - community, tribe, posse, cheering squad, raving fans, platform - you need a group of people who are ready, willing and able to come to your aid when you need help with your project.

How to Use Google Hangouts on Air to Boost Your Visibility - video

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I'm a Google Fangirl and I love Hangouts on Air. So, when Krishna De asked if I would be a guest on her Visual Content Marketing Show, to talk about how to use Hangouts to boost your visibility on the web, of course I said yes!

How To Build Lasting Relationships on Google+ - Martin Shervington

In this Adventure in Visibility, I hung out with Martin Shervington, community manager for Plus Your Life and Plus Your Business! The topic of our conversation revolved around how Martin builds community and lasting relationships on Google+. We also discovered the answer to the question: Introvert or Extrovert as well as Martin's most memorable adventure ( at minute 37:48 in the video).

How to Build Your Email List with Facebook Offers

Two marketing challenges frequently face online entrepreneurs: How to convert social media followers into quality leads How to get content on their Facebook business page seen by more followers in the newsfeed I've been experimenting with a strategy to conquer both challenges after I received a quick Facebook page "makeover" from Erin Tillotson.

How to Newsjack Events to Build Your Visibility

Right now, as I write this post, there is a battle going on over ebook pricing between and Hachette books. It's a bit David and Goliath in scope considering the size of Amazon. Many Hachette authors are jumping into the fray, denouncing Amazon for its bullying tactics, the most notable being Stephen Colbert's rant on his show.

How To Stay In the Facebook News Feed With One Simple Strategy

Guest post by Erin Tillotson As we all know Facebook loves to switch it up on the back end and keep us guessing, or that's what it feels like. Really they're trying to keep content that users know, like and trust front and center for them...improving the user experience is their goal.

Three Essential Truths About Entrepreneurial Success

In 18 years of working on the web I've learned a few things about what works for getting noticed and creating opportunities for your business. There are three core principles that have gelled for me over the last couple of years and stand out as essential truths about entrepreneurial success.

11 Reasons Why I Love Google Plus

I'm making an assumption that after you read this post, if you're not already enamored with Google+, you'll be inspired to get on board and explore how the social network can boost your visibility and your business. You may already know I'm a self-confessed Google FanGirl.