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Updated by M Boutique on Feb 13, 2015
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5 Candle Blends That Will Immerse You in Luxurious Tranquility

What better way to unwind then transforming your environment into a tranquil escape? Here are the top 5 candle blends that will help you melt your stress away.



Drift into the sweetest dreams and embrace the aroma created by the Dream Candle. Sensuous, sophisticated, with touches of amber, floral notes of Patchouli and orange blossoms.

Jasmine White Pepper

Wild jasmine evokes the wanderlust in us all. Transform your home into an exotic escape with the natural Soy Jasmine White Pepper candles.

Lavender Smoke

Nothing like the soothing tranquil aroma of lavender to create the perfect getaway. Made from lavender, Neroli citrus blossom, exotic spices of cinnamon glove, and a twist of smoke to seamlessly tie it all together.

Bergamot Vetiver

The ideal scent to escape those hectic moments. The Bergamot Vetiver Candle blends notes of sweet citrus with a deepening calm of woody vetiver. Turn your home into a haven with this soy candle containing beeswax and pure essential oils!



Some of our most fond memories get created during the holidays. In an effort to rekindle some of those times, we've developed a blend of pine, orange blossom, clove, cinnamon, pomegranate, vanilla and patchouli that engages your sense of smell to bring back the holiday spirit.