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Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services is a software consulting company that extends software services, IT & software consulting services, web software development, and mobile development services.

Next-Gen Analytics Are Transforming Retail Management Systems digitally through MS Dynamics AX; but Is Your Company R...

We all are aware that “Change is the only constant” and so is the case with digital transformation. We all know& are afraid of, one of the biggest barriers, every transformation that brings along known and unknown degree of risks, changes that are planned and unplanned.

How to Turn Mobility Challenges into Opportunities?

In the rapidly evolving business sphere; enterprise mobility management provides a one stop solution! Be it quick mobilization of your teams, making the team more productive or the pressing need to make optimum utilization of the customer opportunities, business organizations are increasingly opting for an effective enterprise mobility strategy.

Mobile App Dev in 2015: 8 Key Changes - Micro Moments to Replace Isolated Apps

Mobile development has come a long way since its inception. Feature rich mobile applications that were merely a dream in last decade; are now a click away - and you can now turn them into reality, after genuine efforts though.

Elite Hackers Are at Work - Is Your Organization Safe from Massive Cyber Attack??? Sony Pictures were NOT.

We recently have been reading all about the massive cyber-attack or breach of systems at Sony Pictures. A lot of statements are given - day in day out a lot of confidential details are leaked online - putting at stake the personal and professional.

Mobility in Retail Fuelling a Highly Dynamic and Competitive Online Marketplace
In this rapidly evolving and technologically-powered world, adopting innovative mobile technologies can play a very instrumental role for an organization as it helps in formation of effective business strategies and heightens the customer experience. Internet fever is gripping the world like a pandemic. A news report claims that internet addiction has affected nearly 6% of global population.
Business Intelligence and Analytics - Trends 2015
The world of business intelligence and analytics is rapidly evolving. While the year 2014 belonged to BI and mobility, BIG data and cloud based BI architecture, landscapes in 2015 will be different. The trends, that we believe, likely to drive the change big time this year are data governance, simplified visualizations and Embedded BI.
Not Using Business Intelligence…! Are You Really Intelligent Enough…???
Off lately, I have been observing the trends and it seems that Business Intelligence has become a status symbol for a lot of people nowadays – alike latest gadgets, cars and so on. They discuss all about it just to show off their awareness. These giants are looked upon when it comes to advanced technologies like Business Intelligence. However; I was shocked to learn that these, unfortunate (read insane), so called giants till date are reading dated reports – reports that are prepared manually most of the times, well after the fact/incident.
On Premise SharePoint Server 2016 in the Offing…!!! What’s in store for all???
SharePoint on premise hasn’t evolved much since its release in 2013, whereas Office 365 has evolved with time on behest of Microsoft’s ‘cloud first’ strategy. However there is great news for SharePoint development service providers. In a welcome move by Microsoft, the company recently confirmed that another version of on-premise SharePoint is in the offing and will be released in the second half of this year.
Experts Forecast Global SaaS based ERP Software Market to Grow at a CAGR Of 13.8%
Unlike the conventional method of purchasing ERP software licenses, there is a growing trend among organizations, where Software as a Service (SaaS) based model allows them to rent or license an ERP software package for a protracted period of time. It is a vicious circle where increased demand for SaaS based ERP has lead to increased number of vendors providing this service and as a result, there is an increased competition in the market.
W3C Pronounces HTML5 Standard Complete, Changing Web Development Forever

As a gesture of highest level of endorsement, W3C – World Wide Web consortium has published its recommendation for HTML5. A follow-up to HTML4 - HTML5 underwent a continuous process of development all these years, and recently, the standard version was finalized after years spent on adding features, tweaking and iterating.

How Do You Know Your Company Requires an ERP System?

ERP systems have many advantages, but they also have their costs including learning curves and the costs involved in adopting new habits and new ways of work. Sometimes, it is tempting to confuse what you want with what you need, and such confusion can lead to waste of money and resources – something, which few businesses can afford. It’s no different with ERP systems.

Why 3 new document reporting and cash management features boost the value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015?

Microsoft Dynamics is known for giving its customers a variety reasons to be happy. This time, Dynamics NAV 2015 offers some important new document reporting and cash management features that customers should be particularly excited about.

New Rules of Secure Data Network for Enterprise Mobility Management in 2015

Work-while-you-are-on-a-go! – This has become the primary motto of today’s fast-moving world. And now, with the competition getting tougher and pressure to excel mounting inadvertently has resulted in the rise of Enterprise Mobility Management!

"No" to enterprise mobility; two conflicting forces...

Difference of opinions is not a new thing - and this occurrence is extremely common in the business world. Everyone has their own perspective, own set of problems, and own methodology to deal with and resolve problems.

Go for CRM Integration with Sales Enablement App to Streamline your Business Operations…!!!

Sales team happens to the backbone of any business, as is directly proportional to the profit! So, it is very important this process needs to be closely monitored. However, it is usually observed that there are vast disparities in the reps sell; normally stemming from the lack of adequate communication between the marketing and sales personnel regarding a new collateral.

Year 2015: What has business intelligence in store for businesses?

Business intelligence has become the "talk of the town" - but no prize for guessing why... Since general business settings are going on a more digitalised path and with competitions getting fiercer with each passing day; it is almost impossible to ignore it.

Enterprise Mobility Services are Growing Slowly - but Gradually...!!

All Thanks to the amazing technology - Enterprise Mobility Solutions, now workplaces are no longer restricted to an 8 × 8 cubicle! Enterprise mobility services have broken all conventional barriers and are becoming a top priority for increasing number of organizations.

Why does your team need a custom mobile solution when you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or 2015?

CRM mobility scenarios have become a hot topic as an increasing number of organizations find reasons to empower their employees with critical sales and service information in the field. As more people work in the field, they are also responsible for serving customers.

Software Development - But are You Following the Correct Process and Model?

Increasing demand of software development suggests that the world needs software solutions merely for anything and everything. May it be planning or managing complex businesses, or planning and managing the day of an individual. From execution of mission critical operations to playing games for entertainment - almost everything is managed by software.

Redirect to SMB - MS SharePoint Server 2010; Microsoft Security Flaw Discovered

MS SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Security .We all are aware of the fact that Microsoft rules the world when it comes to operating systems in PCs and laptops, however; there are still occasions where security issues are passed over. ThesePixelstech, this page is to provide visitors information of the most updated technology information around the world.

Shopify With Google Wallet Will Increase Traffic On Your Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Site

Shopify also contended the race, where they tracked mobile traffic and implemented tremendous changes to boost up their operational efficiencies in mobile ecommerce direction. They then immediately released two of the iOS applications namely Shopify Mobile and Shopify POS, followed with a mobile phone optimized check out and renovated their storefront themes making them more responsive.