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Lektury #19

How People You've Never Heard of Got To Be the Most Powerful Users on Pinterest

The most popular people on Pinterest aren't famous celebrities or pop-culture icons. In fact, they don't even want you to know them. The second most popular account on Pinterest belongs to an interior decorator named Maryann Rizzo. She's followed by 9.6 million people, has posted 99,000 pins and keeps up nearly 300 boards, which feature bright colors and sparkles in equal doses.

What Does Your 2015 Twitter Strategy Look Like?

With the new year right around the corner, your resolutions list might be looming pretty large... but does it include any Twitter-specific promises? It should. The new year is a great time to revise, refresh and renew your Twitter strategy.

Marek Wajda odchodzi z bloga Orange, ale pozostaje w firmie. „Przełamaliśmy schemat blogów korporacyjnych"

O swojej decyzji Wajda poinformował na Facebooku. - Pięć lat. Jak to szybko minęło. Przez ten czas poznałem mnóstwo ciekawych ludzi, przede wszystkim z pasją. Nie chcę tutaj tagować wszystkich, którzy wywarli na mnie spory wpływ, żeby nie wyszło to na wpis promocyjny;) Ludzi, którym chce się robić coś więcej niż tylko pracować 8 h - napisał między innymi Wajda.

What Is A Social Media Strategist?

There are a lot of titles out there these days to define those of us who manage Social Media Marketing. We've heard everything from Social Media Evangelist, SM Guru and SM Ninja to SM Manager, SM Coordinator and SM Strategist. Just as the titles vary, so do the job descriptions.

2015 Social Media Predictions From the Experts

We've gathered predictions from some of the top minds in social media. So what will 2015 look like? Learn from the experts!

Rethinking Work-Life Balance

We all know that having a healthy work-life balance is critical for startup employees - and have read the cautionary tales of how dangerous it can be to have no work-life balance. It's something we should all strive to achieve. It's also a worthless concept as it's typically presented.

Twitter: What to expect in 2015

Around this time last year, the big question about Twitter was how much would the social network and the company's culture change after going public. The answer, as we now know, is that it would change quite a bit.

What We Learned About Social Media In 2014 [infographic]

In 2014 we have witnessed the explosion of social media on the agenda of every single marketer out there. There is no doubt about it, social media are not just top weapons in the marketer's arsenal, but necessary tools in his everyday marketing activities. It is clear that you will have to learn to swim...

How to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

Consumers aren't a "KPI", they're people. They have value to brands and they hold the keys to the social media kingdom, not the other way around. Today, marketers play a vital role in how brand content is viewed digitally. But content is only one piece of the sales funnel, there's also direct engagement and community which builds loyalty.

What if 'The Interview' scandal was the greatest marketing ploy in history?

Do you feel that sensation? That painful, jarring, seizure-inducing sensation? That's your head, spinning back and forth trying to keep up with the latest developments surrounding The Interview . Yesterday, in what looks like a kind of endgame, Sony announced the latest news on the film, throwing everything off once again.