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Selling A Home Made Easy - Top Home Selling Resources

Selling a home can be difficult if the correct steps are missed. It can also be relatively easy if the right preparation is taken!

Check out some of the best real estate articles to help make selling a home easy!


Top 10 Real Estate Myths Debunked

A myth can be defined as "any invented story, idea, or concept." Just because you read something on the internet does not mean it is true. The same can be said about something you may hear a co-worker or family member conversing about.

The Many Risks of Pricing Your Home Too High

One part art, one part science, determining the correct selling price of your home is no easy task. You want your home to move, but you also want to get as much money as you can out of the transaction.

How to Sell a Home in The Winter

Winter may not be the most popular time to sell a home, but this doesn't mean you have to wait until the weather warms up to list your property. With the right strategy and a bit of hard work, you can make your home stand out to potential buyers in a season where competition is less fierce and certain buyers are highly motivated to purchase.

How To Make Your Property More Appealing

Wanting to sell your home for a good price and in a reasonable time frame are standard goals for the majority of sellers. However, when you are dealing with a tough real estate market and struggling to break even on a property, you need to do everything you can to make your home stand out.

How to Deal WIth a Low Ball Offer On My Home

Getting a low ball offer on your home can be pretty frustrating initially. You have your sights set on a price that you feel is reasonable and you expect to get at least that much on your home. When the low-ball offer comes in it can be upsetting, but it doesn't have to be.

Reasons Sellers Give For Overpricing Their Homes

For most people a home is their most prized possession. Homes cost a great deal of money and they are often the place where lifetime memories are made. These realities are undeniable - but they can negatively impact your ability to sell your house if you let emotion take over your logical side.

Real Estate Pricing Mistakes that Seller's Need to Avoid

Selling a home can be difficult, but it does not have to be impossible. In fact, it can be relatively "easy" if common mistakes are avoided. The mistake that is made most by seller's relates to the pricing of their home.

10 Things to Expect From Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be a very stressful experience. Tasks such as consistently getting and keeping a home ready for showings and having to wonder when and if a home is going to sell are just a couple examples of the stressful things that a seller experiences when selling their home.

How to Interview A Realtor When Selling Your Home

When selling your home, choosing the Realtor who will represent your best interests is one of the most important and one of the first steps in the process. Unfortunately, many sellers do not understand how important this is or believe that to be the case.

10 Tips for Selling Your Vacant Home

When selling your home, it's common you may experience some stress, feel a bit uncomfortable, and even have some anxiety. These feelings are usually magnified when selling your home while it's vacant. The truth is that even though most human beings are hard-working, considerate, and law abiding citizens, there are always some people however, who are not.

Is Offering a Home Warranty to a Buyer Worth It?

When purchasing something, most of the time there is a warranty that is offered. Depending on the item that is being purchased, some warranties will be part of the manufacturers guarantee and others will be warranties that can be purchased by the consumer.

Pet Odors Can Kill a Home Sale

People are fortunate to have an adaptable sense of smell. While something may smell offensive initially, eventually your nose will become less sensitive to the odor so you can go about your life in less discomfort. Unfortunately, this adaptability can cause problems when you are selling your home.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in Real Estate?

Comparable Market Analysis, also known as a "CMA," is an analysis of recently sold homes ("comparables"), preferably sold within the past 6-12 months, that helps establish a price range for a home which is normally completed by a real estate professional.

5 Common Reasons Why Your Home Isn't Selling

Selling a home is a stressful time for most. The thought of not knowing when a home will sell, how much a home will sell for, or bottom line, if it will sell at all can lead to many sleepless nights.

5 Tips to Selecting The "Right" Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Finding a real estate agent to sell your home is easy! Finding the "right" real estate agent who will sell your home isn't! In most real estate associations or boards there are hundreds or even thousands of real estate agents. In fact, the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors there are about 3,000 active real estate professionals.

Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Selling A Home

Whether you've sold your home ten times or you're going to be selling your first, there are things that you need to know before listing your home for sale. There are many sellers who think the home selling process is very easy and doesn't take any preparation.

5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Spring Real Estate Market
Even though it's the middle of the winter season, before you know it, spring will be here. Historically in most real estate markets, the spring is when it really begins to heat up. The spring real estate market generally yields the highest prices for those selling their home.
Should I Sell My Home Or Remodel Instead
All of this makes deciding whether to remodel or move a bit of a challenge, but it is possible to make a final decision you are comfortable with. You just need to get clear on what you really want and need. Deciding whether to remodel your house or move is a process that many homeowners go through.
Top 10 Mistakes Made By Sellers When Choosing A Realtor
Choosing a Realtor is one of the most important keys to success when selling a home. In most communities there are hundreds or even thousands of Realtors to choose from. After all, obtaining a real estate license isn't the most strenuous of tasks.
Top 10 Challenges When Selling A Home
One of the greatest things about being a real estate agent is the fact that no two transactions are the same. This means that every day there are different things that arise with different transactions which makes it virtually impossible that a "dull" day exists in the real estate profession.
Top Home Selling Tips & Resources
Selling a home is often viewed as a monumental task by home owners. Selling a home can actually be fairly easy if the proper preparation is taken and the right advice is obtained. One of the best ways to be prepared for the sale of your home is by reading top real estate articles and resources.
Top 10 Ways To Scare Away A Potential Home Buyer

Home owners who are currently selling their home or are thinking about selling their home are likely to face challenges before and during the home selling process. Many of the challenges that are faced during the home selling process cannot be controlled by the home owner.

Top Real Estate Home Selling Resources

Selling a home can be tricky. Taking the proper steps and having the necessary knowledge, the process can actually seem pretty easy and stress-free! In this bag, you will find the very best home selling resources from many of the best real estate bloggers in the real estate industry!

How To Generate Multiple Offers On A Home In Real Estate

If you ask ten random people who have recently sold their home what their experience was, you're likely to get ten different responses. It's likely you'll hear the horror stories of a home being on the market for 6 months and the continuous price reductions.

Tips For Selling A Home With Kids

Whether it's the first time you're selling a home or it's the tenth time, there will be challenges throughout the home selling process. One challenge that some people may have experienced is selling a home with kids. Selling a home with kids presents a whole new set of hurdles that need to be overcome in order to have a successful home sale.