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Indian Art Ideas

Contemporary Paintings for the Art Lover

Indian Art Ideas provide various types of Indian culture paintings. Contemporary art painting is a unique concept of art form and can be easily understood by art lovers. Oil paintings on canvas are also done by contemporary art. The important thing about contemporary paintings is that it can be enjoyed by all sections of people and painters.

Adorn Your Wall with Contemporary Art Paintings at Affordable Price

Contemporary art is an innovative forum presenting modern art forms such as Cover open spaces, Classic timepiece, Contemporary art paintings are least affected by changing trends. We also exhibit beautiful and attractive contemporary art paintings.

Learn All About Famous Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract art is a nonfigurative form of illustration which is a step beyond reality in depiction of imagery. The artist uses a visual language of shapes, forms, lines and colors to interpret a subject-matter in Abstract Art, without necessarily providing the viewer with a recognizable visual reference point.

Stunning Oil Paintings for Sale: Influencing Our Every Day Lives

Artists use oil painting mediums as a matter of their taste and preferences. While some artists popularly use oil colors in their paintings to showcase their proficiency in this art medium, others use only a bit of oil paints to make their work more attractive.

Benefits of Online Art Galleries
Online art galleries are the modern trend, where people can buy and sell paintings easily. We have a tendency to build it simple for you to buy art directly from the artists. There are many benefits of online art galleries. Such as an array of paintings, affordability and explore creativity by emerging or budding artists.
Unconventional List of Some Famous Landscape Paintings
Landscape art is one of the most popular categories in paintings and have been taken by the renowned Indian artists such as Prabal Mallick, Iruvan Karunakaran, Bahadur Singh.  Indian art ideas have an unconventional list of famous landscape paintings by Indian artists. You can buy huge collection of Landscape Art Paintings from Indian Art Ideas.
Online Art Gallery: Buy Original Indian Paintings
Indian Art Ideas provides the vast collection of Indian arts such as contemporary, modern, traditional, abstract, landscape, figurative & religious paintings. You can also buy paintings from Indianartideas online art gallery, offers free shipping worldwide.
Learn How Online Art Galleries Benefit the Artist and the Buyer
Online Art Gallery provides the service of Buy and sell art online. Browse millions original paintings such as, modern, traditional, abstract, landscape art. Indian Art Ideas have an option to choose from the beautiful collection of paintings and sort the same by artist names, categories and price.
Origin of Landscape Paintings

Landscape painting refers to an artwork whose primary focus is a natural view such as valleys, mountains, rivers, trees, and forests. These paintings could be portrayed as that of a real place, imaginary, or it can be a combo of actual and imaginary scene. In the early mid-fifteenth century, landscapes were shown in the pictures as human activities.

Abstract art paintings impart all the cultural and ancient traditions associated with Indian society and culture. Famous abstract painting from abstract artists is available for viewing and sale in our indianartideas online art gallery.

Contemporary Indian Art: Exploring New Trends in Indian

Indianartideas deals in modern art as well as in contemporary art. Most of the contemporary art paintings are created with watercolor, acrylic paint or are oil on canvas depictions. No wonder that contemporary art originating in India have made their way to art galleries across the globe.

Learn All About Famous Traditional Paintings

Indian art ideas provide various paintings that depict Indian culture. Among them traditional painting is a unique concept representing art forms and “Madhubani painting” or “Mithila painting” frequented by interesting geometrical patterns and based on the different occasions forms part of our collection.

Art Scoping: Expressing Traditionalism through Indian Art Paintings.

The culture of art, craft and sculpting in Indian is enriched with a long tradition of art history. Some of the earliest Indian paintings comprised of rock paintings that belonged to pre-historic times which comprised of Stone Age rock paintings. 19th century onwards, Indian art underwent a revolution and today, the country boasts of several schools of art which practice both Western & traditional artistry on full swing. I have tried to outline the beauty of Indian art and culture and the way they are expressed by Indian painters in this blog.

Guide for Buying Indian Art Paintings

Are you thinking of festooning your personal space with beautiful Indian art paintings? Or Want to have a unique collection of art? Everyone wants to accentuate their surroundings with something different. With so many options available around, it becomes difficult for anyone to decide what to purchase or what not to. They do feel bemused.

Intrigued by varied Indian Traditional Paintings

Due to various traditions and religions of India, art has also been diversified into varied types of traditional paintings. Starting with Cave paintings and Mughal paintings, they continued to emerge in other parts of India in forms of miniature paintings, Madhubani paintings etc. An art lover needs to know about the differences between them and the way they were evolved. In the blog, I have given a clarified description about variations in astonishing traditional paintings and why they are appreciated all across the world.

The beautiful Western Painting styles

Back in school, we used to sketch landscapes the most. Didn’t we? Famous landscape paintings generally imitate hilly areas, the Sun, the Moon or the blue water.  But are you capable of classifying the varied landscapes going by their designs? No doubt western style is popular for its landscape paintings but what else is there to know about them?

Overview of Impressionism

Impressionism is a form of modern art which emerged in 19th century even after several disagreements from conventional art society. Artists felt the desire to create paintings to represent the modern world which led impressionist paintings to stand out. Here are few details on how it came under recognition.

Evolution Of Still Life Painting

Still life painting is a distinct genre of modern style paintings. They generally portray inanimate objects like dead animals or flowers or food items. This led to even symbolization and exploration of different specimens. Here is how still-life evolved with time.

Paintings of the Mughal Dynasty

Indian traditional paintings have been diversified into numerous categories due to varied cultures and traditions existing in India. Here’s a description of how one famous style of paintings, Mughal paintings evolved with time.

Description Of Weird Surrealism

Surrealism art is a modern art which portrays illogical themes which are often scary. They have a dream-like structure. Here is a description of what the art is all about.

Study Of Art Movements Leading To Modern Art

Modern art involved various art movements which helped evolving the art form through all the centuries. Various artists when collaborate together to produce similar sort of paintings, it is known as an art movement. Here’s a description of few of the art movements which changed the definition of Modern Art.

Understanding Abstract Art

Modern art exists in variety of forms out of which Abstract art is most appreciated and in demand. Here is a little information of abstract art which exists in diverse styles.

Benefits of Buying Art Online

An increasing number of people are using the internet to shop for various products.  Traditionally these portals were confined to electronic items, books and other consumer goods. But, with the passage of time and the increasing number of internet users worldwide, niche products and services have taken online route to reach out prospective buyers.

Evolution of Indian Art through the Ages

Indian art prevails since Hominid times. Gradually, with the migration of foreign troops and westernization, Indian art diversified into variety of styles. This blog post describes how the art has evolved.

Techniques Involved in Dynamic Range of Paintings

Painting is a very famous art worldwide. It can be classified into various domains and sub-domains. Here is a little more description about the techniques of painting which not many know about.