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Finite Element Analysis

Hi-Tech CAE offers FEA analysis, FEA consulting and FEA simulation services for a wide number of engineering applications to solve the complex FEA problems at a competitive price.
Evaluating the Reliability of Underrun Protection System in Heavy Vehicles Using FEA

Underrun protection systems, often known as underride guards, are utilized in trucks and buses to prevent intrusion of small passenger cars during the event of collision. Research figures reveal that trucks with a gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes are involved in 20% of the road accidents; from which, 60% are car to truck...

Rethinking Product Development: Why You Should Adopt Simulation
Product development strategy is a core for manufacturing businesses, and remains a focal point from where the growth of an organization propagates. Devising a sound strategy to develop product for the right market and at the right time is what makes businesses successful in fiercely competitive environment.
FEA and Its Impact on the Design Process and Lifecycle of a Product
FEA- Finite element analysis is the best weaponry in the armor of an engineer. FEM enables an engineer to experiment more and derive the best designs to meet users requirements and to fulfill the cost and quality requirements of clients.
Conducting Finite Element Analysis Doesn’t Always Mean Downsizing

The use of finite element analysis is widespread among the engineering community because of its ability to quickly assess product designs. However, most engineers take FEA as a tool to achieve downsizing objectives.

Strengthening Automobile Chassis Using Finite Element Analysis

A chassis provides the much needed support to the vehicle body, and bears number of loads in order make sure that they do not get transmitted inside the cabin. In general, the chassis has to accommodate five loading conditions that include bending, torsion, combined bending and torsion, lateral and fore & aft loading.

Finite Element Based Structural Analysis to Build Better Offshore Tower Systems

The development of offshore structures has been phenomenal over the last few decades. The key driver for such development is primarily due to the constant urge to explore deep waters due to the ever-increasing oil demands. The continuous rise in the need of deep water developments and exploitation of shallow water reserves has invoked a new range of offshore structures.

Validate Product Designs from Inception to Save Time and Money

As a product designer, engineer or a manufacturer, we know the importance of validating the idea of product design prior to plan a full-fledged production. Validation and verification is a green signal for the design that is ready to be mass produced with all the quality checks done to ensure its safety and reliability.

Development of an Optimized Oil Storage Tank Design

The client requested a similar solution for the storage tank designed to store oil. The major concern from the customer’s end was to re-develop the storage tank geometry, having the ability to withstand stress and minimize deformation values.

The Solution Thermal Analysis of Curing Tool

A prominent heat transfer and cooling solutions provider from Canada approached Hi-Tech, for assistance in evaluating their curing tool design for uniform temperature distribution.

Improving Frictional Grip between Pipe and Bracket for Engine Oil Line

Hi-Tech's team of design engineers and FEA analysts came up with an effective solution of developing a new bracket design with the 'broach' feature, inserted between the inner surface of the bracket and outer surface of the pipe. The broach provided an additional grip to the pipe, restricting its movement effectively.

Seismic Qualification of Industrial Rack for Storing Computer Peripherals

A leading computer storage rack manufacturer needed their rack design to be evaluated for structural integrity in seismic events, considering the Bell core standards.

Structural Analysis of Fifth Wheel Assembly

A leading engineering consultant from Australia, required design solution for the fifth wheel assembly used in heavy duty trucks. Important concerns from the client were to obtain an efficient design to withstand load and stresses, without excessive deformation.

Checklist to Ensure Validity of Your Finite Element Structural Analysis

It is a common phenomenon across most of the manufacturing firms to employ simulation into multiple stages of product development to improve efficiency and achieve cost reduction. Simulation tools have stood the test of time and have supported design engineers proactively. However, it is important that organizations use techniques like FEA and CFD with strict accountability and integrate the process of verification and validation, most commonly known as V&V into the design process.