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Updated by Day County Housing Development on Sep 24, 2018
Headline for Yard of the Week Winners
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Yard of the Week Winners

In 2012, Day County Housing Development brought the Yard of the Week program back to life in Webster, with the help of local residents, Day County Arts Council, Reporter & Farmer, Fiksdal Furniture & Gifts, and Webster Lumber & Home Center.

Brian & Lois Lux | 2018

Weeek 14 | Brian & Lois Lux

#YOTW18 #WowWebster

Arlyus Vanatta | 2018

Week 13 | Arlyus Vanatta

#YOTW18 #WowWebster

Terry McBroom | 2018

Week 12 | Terry McBroom

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Jim & Janice Brakefield | 2018

Week 11 | Jim & Janice Brakefield

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Gene & Donna Sattler | 2018

Week 10 | Gene & Donna Sattler

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Jeff & Betty Schmidt | 2018

Week 9 | Jeff & Betty Schmidt

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Barry & Mary Bullert | 2018

Week 8 | Barry & Mary Bullert

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Shirley Kuecker | 2018

Week 7 | Shirley Kuecker

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Bob & Pam Page | 2018

Week 6 | Bob & Pam Page

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Elbridge & Linda Anderson | 2018

Week 5 | Elbridge & Linda Anderson

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Rick & Sheryl Grout | 2018

Week 4 | Rick & Sheryl Grout

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Ray & Bernice Spiering | 2018

Week 3 | Ray & Bernice Spiering

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Bev Carr | 2018

Week 2 | Bev Carr

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Bob Stanley | 2018

Week 1 | Bob Stanley

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Curtis Reiprich & Shannon Lehmann | 2017

Week 14 #YOTW17

The yard is cheerful and colorful with its mix of decoration and foliage.

Deloris Lardy | 2017

Week 13 #YOTW17

This yard greets the viewer with a large eagle in a corner of the front yard. While this draws the viewers eye, a closer study of the yard leads one to a multitude of delightful moments that lead all the way around the house and back to the back yard. Flowers line the driveway and colorful blooms of all kinds make this yard a banquet for the eye.

Randy & Mary Scherr | 2017

Week 12 #YOTW17

This yard shows a great effort that is done for several welcoming areas of the yard. There is a mix of potted and permanent plants!

Cecil Doyle | 2017

Week 11 #YOTW17

This is a very large yard that has a clean inviting look. The area at the house has chairs set up in a very inviting way and accented with several areas of flowers. There are often residents and guests sitting outside enjoying the pleasure of South Dakota summer air. On the east side the trees have been trimmed but the residents have made good use of two very large roots to make them places that add interest to the yard. The west side has day lilies and a very large but well kept back yard.

Ron & Marlene Meester | 2017

Week 10 #YOTW17

Their yard was chosen as it is always beautiful and has evolved into an ever more inviting sanctuary through past years.

Adie & Dawn Nash Rumpza | 2017

Week 9 #YOTW17

They were chosen as it has always shown a great deal of love and attention from its owners. There is always something new to notice when traveling past this yard.

Leo & Leona Klein | 2017

Week 8 #YOTW17

For this relatively small yard, they have made good use of the space with nice plantings and flowers both in the front and on the side.

Wayne & Carolyn Greenfield | 2017

Week 7 #YOTW17

The yard is described as well kept and decorated with plantings that fit well with the character and charm of this interesting home!

Chuck & Mary Jean Hesla | 2017

Week 6 #YOTW17

This yard is beautifully decorated and impeccably maintained!

Mary Kriech | 2017

Week 5 #YOTW17

This yard is a real treasure tucked away off major roadways. The yard is a collage of wonderful moments that have a common theme of bird houses surrounded by floral vignettes.

Alvin & Paula Steiner | 2017

Week 4 #YOTW17

The yard's variety of potted flowers was noted. The plants have been maturing over the past few years and makes the porch and yard seem ever more inviting!