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Poetry with Kids

Included here is a list of articles I've written about ways to involve kids in reading and writing poetry, plus articles and projects from others.


Creative Prompt - Two Word Poem

Two Word Poem. The idea is to create a poem from lines that are only two words each. How simple is that! Read more at The Book Chook.

Poetry with Kids - Ideas and Resources

My feelings about poetry are actually quite difficult to express. Poetry is many different things to me: a succinct way of saying something profound, a sly dig at a pompous personage, or a rollicking tale to make me laugh. if we want kids to love poetry (and we should!), then the very best thing we can do is share poems with them from an early age. How to do this? We must ensure we include poetry books in our family read-alouds on a regular basis. Another idea is to find the poetry section in our local library, and borrow books from it. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Literacy Through Poetry

It is the job of poetry to clean up our word-clogged reality by creating silences around things. ~ Stephen Mallarme April is Poetry Month in the USA. This month or any month would be a great time to borrow some poetry books from the library, or research some good poetry collections for kids. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's Literacy - Performance Poetry

Poetry originally was meant to be performed. I have a special place in my heart for all the poetry I've performed in my life. It's helped me internalise wonderful language, great rhythm and rhyme and important themes, as well as given me so much delight and comfort over the years. I very much believe in learning poetry by heart, and repeated practices for performance is one way to do this. At the very least, it helps kids develop reading fluency, but the benefits to a child's heart and mind are incalculable. Read more at The Book Chook.

Ten Top Tips to Engage Kids with Poetry

If you're wondering how to include more poetry in your children's lives, here are 10 tips from The Book Chook: 1. Read poetry aloud. 2 Discuss the poetry you read aloud with your kids. 3. Collect words and imagery. Read more at The Book Chook.

Online Inspiration for Young Poets

March 21 is World Poetry Day. I believe our young writers need all the encouragement we can give them. Young poets are a very special breed. I've been looking around for resources they might be able to use, and want to share some with you today. Read more at The Book Chook.

Poetry with Kids - Creating Haiku

There are several ways to look at Haiku. One explanation I like comes from author, Karen Benke, who says, “Think of a haiku as a little moment that tip-toes up to find you. A moment you capture exactly as you experience it, so the person reading your 3 lines feels the moment too, the same as you.” (Benke, Karen: Rip the Page!) Poet Rebecca Newman says, “A haiku is a short poem, usually inspired by nature. Read more at The Book Chook.

Poetry with Kids - Creating Haiga

What's a haiga? Basically it's a combination of two things: words in the form of a haiku, and an image. Traditionally in Japan the image was a brush painting, but nowadays it's more commonly a digital photo. Thus haiga combine two of my favourite things, words and images. Just as a haiku is an accessible poetry form for kids because it's short with a restricted format, so too is a haiga. Read more at The Book Chook.

Poetry with Kids - Presenting Haiga

Probably the simplest and fastest method to present haiga is to have children create their own artwork, and add text to it. Text could be: typed, cut and pasted with real glue; created using calligraphy on paper; assembled from letters cut from magazines or newspapers; added to art work by children writing over the top with markers, paint or crayons. With a whole class, the finished haiga would make a wonderful display for the library or school hall. Another easy method is to add digital haiga to a collage template, like those you find at Ribbet, or in the free Pizap app. Read more at The Book Chook.

Introducing Poetry to Kids

As parents, most of us know how important it is to read to our children. We regularly share books with them, and encourage them to borrow from the library. However, sometimes we forget to make sure our kids get a balanced reading diet. Sadly, poetry can be left off the menu and that's such a shame. Read more at Scholastic Parents.

Reading and Writing Poetry With Elementary School Kids

Children can learn so much from poetry! By listening to it, and reading it themselves, they absorb the rhythms, sounds, and nuances of language. Writing poetry is wonderful for children, too. I'm not suggesting we expect our elementary school-aged kids to write a Shakespearean sonnet. Read more at Scholastic Parents.

Using Technology for Poetry Creation

Technology is inherently motivating for children. So too is poetry. Combining them packs a powerful punch, and is a great source of creative expression for kids. Here are some tips for using apps and other digital tools so children can create... Read more at Australian Children's Poetry.

Play with Words and Pictures - iPad App, Visual Poet

The iPad is a great device for sneaking some creativity and self-expression into kids' lives. I have a list of some apps I like for encouraging creativity at my website. Here's another one: Visual Poet. Read about it at The Book Chook.

Creative iPad Apps for Kids, Word Mover and Trading Cards

I am really impressed with the ReadWriteThink iPad apps. For a start, they're excellent. Next, they're FREE. And finally, they're educational. Not just educational, but my favourite kind of educational - encouraging kids to create and share content! Read about Word Mover, an app for creating poetry with magnet words, at The Book Chook.
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Tips and Resources for Poem in your Pocket Day

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2015 will be held on Thursday, April 30. It's part of a national emphasis on poetry in the USA for the month of April. By my reckoning, it ought to be celebrated world-wide! Find tips and resources to celebrate at The Book Chook.

Performing Poetry With Kids

I've previously shared some ideas about Introducing Poetry to Kids and discussed Reading and Writing Poetry with Elementary School Kids. With Poetry Month coming in April, today I'd like to focus on some tips for Performing Poetry with Kids. I like to make performance part of everyday life. Read more at Scholastic.

iPad App, Lark by Storybird

Perhaps you already know Storybird, a website where kids and adults can immerse themselves in building their own stories with others' art. Now we have Storybird's new app, Lark. Its purpose is to make and share art-inspired poetry. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s iPad App, Theme Poems

For some children, the task of writing a poem is daunting. Introducing those kids to more concrete poetry scaffolds them and provides them with a framework that gets them started. If you’re looking for a tool that encourages poetry writing, check out ReadWriteThink’s Theme Poems.

Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s iPad App, Haiku

Great app by Read Write Think that helps kids write Haiku. Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s iPad App, Diamante Poem

An app that helps kids create a poem. Read about it at The Book Chook.

Creative Prompt - a Poem, Where I'm From

"First of all, here's the poem I used for my prompt: Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon. (You can hear the poet herself read the poem aloud by following that link.)

I read her poem several times. I thought about who I am, and the things that contributed to that. I sought for flavours, words, issues, people and culture that had shaped my life, and then jotted down my own list. Read more at The Book Chook.

Encourage Kids to Write Poetry with Tools and Apps

"Many teachers start children off with the short forms of poetry, particularly those that support young learners by having some sort of template or scaffolding. Some apps and website tools are also specifically designed to encourage poetry creation."

Read more at The Book Chook.

Poetry with Passion and Performance Project

Global poetry project created by Christine Trimnell. Project now completed, but lots of great accessible resources including scaffolds for kids who need them.