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.LY Startups > Is it time for a .LY Alliance?

Add your LY startup. Wear your LY badge with pride. Vote for your favorite LY brand @Listly Lists made easy + social + fun!

We're starting a blogging series to round up of what's new, great & innovative in the world of "Lists". If you see a cool blog post that uses ... Researching the rise of Co-Anything. Feel free to add blogs/posts/people that focus on Co-Creation / Co-Curation / Collaboration etc. @contractually | Simple contract making for web-smart small business.

or learn how we're taking the pain out of getting contracts done Forms for the People!Every contract you start can use our lawyer-reviewed forms, or one of your own added and customized with our simple contract editor. Participation, UnlimitedJoin in as a party in any number of contracts. @bitly | shorten, share and track your links

bitly, shorten, share and track your links – Be a publisher

Publish Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any web content into an online newspaper. monitors your content sources to update your paper automatically. Learn more about how the community is using everyday.




Just tell us if you are It's quick and easy, and you can even do it on micro-blogging services such as Twitter. Where there's a challenge, there's probably a tech startup. Enter CMP.LY, which aims to make compliance simple for the Twitter and Foursquare users of the world.

Kred - Measurable Influence

You need to be logged in to do this. You need a Twitter account to do this. Want to add Twitter account now? Extend your Free Trial a Day by publishing a link to a Result! Maximum number of extensions is 90 days. Video Converter | Online Video Encoder -

Video transcoding, device detection, delivery, storage... All in a single url. 20+ formats | 1 source videoYou give us one video and we create all the required formats to ensure your video will playback on every browser and device in the market. You don′t need to worry about codecs, bitrates, screen sizes... simple subscription newsletters

BloggersPublish premium content to subsidize your public writing. JournalistsPublish real time news or long form work that is pushed to your subscribers. Content CuratorsPublish curated lists of jobs, events, recipes, or stock news. WritersPublish serialized works or original content and keep track of who's reading it. ArtistsPublish your photos, drawings, or comics as emails. - beyond social recruiting is an always-up-to-date social talent community of people interested in your brand. Corporations use to follow the careers of people interested in jobs at their company. Job seekers use to safely share their social profile with companies they love. @Visibli | Giving your links more value

Through our customizable Engagement Bar, Visibli provides artists, musicians, bloggers with new ways to promote music, extend their brands and make more money @ Assistly | Customer Support Software

With Assistly, Shopify stores can set up and deliver efficient customer service in minutes, with zero-touch onboarding. Shopify retailers can simply click to install the free Assistly app, which will help them create a free Assistly account and then integrate Assistly with their online store automatically.



Zaarly - Organize your brain.

WorkFlowy has become one of three tabs that I keep open in my browser, along with Gmail and Google Calendar. I love workflowy. I use it every day. It is amazing. Prediction: WorkFlowy and Quora will each revolutionise significant parts of education in the next 5 years. / @Timely

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Lynkly is a place for people to find out what cool links are being shared by your friends and the rest of the world. - PeopleBrowsr | Playground | Search

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Experimently - Free Website Testing Software

Visual A/B and Multivariate Testing Test anything: images, buttons, text, and CSS No need for a programmer or designer Get more partners and affiliates Improve your visitor experiences!

Mingly - Personal Relationship Management

Your Relationships Are a BIG Deal But Building Them Should Be Easy Show You Care Stay in the know about birthdays, job changes and other big news. Never Fall Out of Touch Get reminded when it's time to reconnect with your important people.


There are lots of ways to post more than 140 characters to Twitter. But none of them let you do all of these things in one simple package... You can customize the look and feel and select from a bunch of built in themes... or completely customize the look of your site with CSS and HTML.




Save your photos, friends and other stuff. Singly brings your social media accounts in one place. You'll be able to access all the posts, photos, check-ins, and contacts from your services at any time. Singly makes it easy to create using personal data.