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Updated by Brandie McCallum on Oct 10, 2017
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Community Managers

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@amirad - 11987 Tweets, 1610 Followers, 1481 Following.

Community Manager at @mycitylives. Passionate about startups, marketing, Toronto, Raptors. A Big Mac is the way to my heart.

@lttlewys - 62887 Tweets, 4918 Followers, 4591 Following.

Community Manager Sensei Marketing Tweeting from @SenseiMarketing Mom & twitter addict...sprinkling the world with sparkle and sass!

@Steve_Campbell - 11683 Tweets, 21529 Followers, 3371 Following.

Senior Community Manager @VaynerMedia. Penn Stater forever. Passionate about sports, social media, tech, music, and great beer.

@amywhiggins - 10324 Tweets, 1451 Followers, 982 Following.

Community & Social media manager @textplus - Huge opera & bacon luvr! @sfobravoclub @fibroflr

@JD_2020 - 4700 Tweets, 168084 Followers, 220 Following.

Former @Treyarch community manager on Call of Duty. These tweets are mine alone... I also reply to some tweets using @JoshOlin for larger conversations.

@sarahkscoular - 12594 Tweets, 1078 Followers, 969 Following.

Wife to @skoola, mom to Madeleine, co-owner @skooladesign. Advocate of transparency, authenticity, engagement. Community Manager for @uCern. Opinions my own.

@JDewiel - 6233 Tweets, 26380 Followers, 21405 Following.

Community Manager @EASPORTS. Specifically the @EAMaddenNFL & @EANCAAFootball franchises. This is my personal account & the opinions posted are my own.

@themaria - 20405 Tweets, 7461 Followers, 1193 Following.

head of community for @yammer. world traveler. lover of life. dreamer. saving the world in 140 chars. blog info

@samhouston - 23405 Tweets, 4992 Followers, 1930 Following.

Music Lover, Gamer, Socializer, Community Manager at @RootMusic.

@petersmeg - 2971 Tweets, 3871 Followers, 1321 Following.

Community Manager for @Mashable & #CMmeetup Co-Organizer. I love hugs, puppies and quirkiness.

@zh1nt0 - 15331 Tweets, 31629 Followers, 1781 Following.

Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE. Be yourself at all times and never abandon your goals and dreams. Community is where the heart is. Peace and Love!

@evanhamilton - 13326 Tweets, 2264 Followers, 985 Following.

Community Manager @UserVoice in San Francisco, singer in the band @KickingTuesday. Love food, music, friends, sunlight, beer, bicycles.

@jonobacon - 6952 Tweets, 8290 Followers, 354 Following.

Ubuntu Community Manager, author of The Art of Community, founder of the Community Leadership Summit, founder of Severed Fifth, and slightly mad Brit.

@billjohnston - 7544 Tweets, 4941 Followers, 2330 Following.

Director of Global Community at Dell. Happy Husband & Dad of 2 mini-me's. Aspiring breakdancer, Steward of Unicorns.

@shinyidol - 5870 Tweets, 1137 Followers, 402 Following.

Community Manager at Sucker Punch Productions. Dog Owner. Photographer. Music Geek. Snowboarder. Cookie Eater.

@geekygirldawn - 11397 Tweets, 4671 Followers, 638 Following.

Open Source Community Manager at Intel, Blogger, RSS Junkie and Tech Enthusiast.


Sleep deprived, stressed out & working crazy hours this week, but lunch with a good friend that I haven't seen in ages really helped! Fortunate to have spent a great NYE with friends & I made it home without hitting any of the many drunken, staggering pedestrians I saw :) Fun happy hour with friends at Andina.

@Coyotegrey - 13901 Tweets, 1055 Followers, 419 Following.

How the hell did I get here so soon? I don't wanna grow up. I may be the community manager at Eidos Montreal, but these are my opinions and mine alone.

@Rockjaw - 17113 Tweets, 28480 Followers, 293 Following.

Brit in the US, geek of many colo(u)rs. Oh, and Senior Community Manager for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

@Brinstar - 16768 Tweets, 2826 Followers, 200 Following.

Anti-oppression & Intersectional Feminist. Community Manager, @ArenaNet | This = my PERSONAL account; see @GuildWars2 for biz | Read FAQ:

@Scapes - 7362 Tweets, 1484 Followers, 357 Following.

Senior Community Manager at En Masse Entertainment (@EnMasseEnt) on TERA (@TERAonline). This is my personal Twitter account. Opinions voiced here are my own.

@KatieFelten - 30257 Tweets, 7301 Followers, 6488 Following.

@Hashable Community Manager | Relationship builder w/a passion for living life | Lover of Red Wine | Travel | Trance | Voracious Reader | 101 days Bikram Yoga

@tamcdonald - 48943 Tweets, 9905 Followers, 9242 Following.

@Astekweb | Founding Mentor at My Community Manager | Founder of #LCSN | Dir of Communications for @SMCChicago | |

@tamcdonald - 48943 Tweets, 9905 Followers, 9242 Following.

@Astekweb | Founding Mentor at My Community Manager | Founder of #LCSN | Dir of Communications for @SMCChicago | |

@andybelford - 2609 Tweets, 1453 Followers, 382 Following.

Father, Husband, Gamer, Community Manager for NCsoft. This is my personal Twitter feed, anything said here is guaranteed to be only mildly amusing.