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Strategy Influencers!

Influencers on strategy marketing and how to create a foundation for your business

Directions University - Get Direction for Your Life & Business! Change the World!

The Mindset System - This means having a positive mental attitude. Coming from a place of abundance instead of scarcity. The biggest success stories on Planet Earth know this: Get the Mindset piece right and even if you mess up on everything else you can still get HUGE results! Learn More...

Join Motivation to Profit | Directions University

What if Building Your Business Could be EASIER than You Ever Thought Possible? What if Your Business Could Make a Bigger Difference AND Make You Money at the Same Time? What if You Really Could be Motivated to Profit Every Single Day?

Secret Confessions Of The JV Queen | Directions University

FACT: Following "The JV Queen's" Insider Secret, You Will Lean The EXACT Step-by-Step System, Best of All, You Can Use It Too in YOUR Business! She Uses to RAKE-IN Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars or Even MILLIONS of Dollars Online.

Jack Humphrey - Internet Marketing Consultant

I used to just sell stuff. More precisely, I used to come up with product ideas for the sole purpose of getting the highest conversions and profits possible. Those were the things that were most on my mind when I [...] Continue reading...

Ask Gina Gaudio-Graves, "The JV Queen", Dean & Founder - Directions University

Gina is the Dean & Founder of
You'll find the info products and courses offered through DirectionsU at:
The DU Introductory Course is the "Motivation to Profit Membership!" which will help you get direction for your life & business, show you how to give direction to your prospects & customers, and help you impact the direct the direction of the world! Through the 30+ Lessons, you'll plan where the money will come from in your business. You'll also learn how to: use more than 6 kinds of traffic; setup profitable Joint Ventures to skyrocket your business; maximize your leverage using Social Media so you can get the biggest possible results with the least amount of effort; and MORE! Get started right now at:
Join Motivation to Profit Today!


Are you happy with where your business...and your life is right now? No matter where you are in the continuum of satisfaction, the Institute is here to support you, encourage you, challenge you and cheer you on! Join the family of TotalPreneurs™- Enterprising people that want it all!

The Business of At Home Business

In 2013, after 17 years in a Home-based business, I thought I would go out and help others set up their dream home business.

You know you want to be your own boss. You have an idea, a dream, a passion or purpose and you want to make your dream business become a reality. There are steps to build e a solid foundation for your business.

You can add walls and roof with systems, technology and knowledge in place to run your business.
You make the decision you want to grow your business further by going out into the world and connecting and networking with other businesses to create a community. Soon you have a business that thrives with the support and alliance with other businesses and you find the time and freedom to live your business of your dreams.
I want to help you on your journey to build your home-based business of your dreams.

Dame DC Cordova

All Excellerated programs and products utilize a revolutionary teaching method "Excellerated Learning" that delivers more information in less time. Based on over 34 years of extensive research and development into the strategies and winning formulas of the world's best entrepreneurs, investors and fastest growing companies, we have identified why some people are more successful than others financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically and enjoy greater quality of life.

Scott Manning

S. J. Manning is a remarkable person who got off to an early start. While in high school he purchased his own business (a failing Tae Kwon Do school) with money earned earlier with part-time summer jobs. He rapidly turned the business around and attracted new students while retaining the few that were there when he purchased the business.

The real break through, or “turning point” as Manning calls it, was when he had just completed his MBA, then sitting in a room where Bill Glazer, President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, gave an opportunity to team up and apply to become one of Dan Kenney’s Certified No BS Business Advisors, Manning did and was accepted.
Now he overseas and teaches nearly 300 local Entrepreneurs each month and 50 which work closely with Manning in an ongoing Business Development Coaching Program. Manning also authored his first book release early in 2008, Million Dollar Methods – 12 Steps For Growing Your Business.
Manning has an inborn desire to extend himself in varied directions. He thrives on being “too busy” and loves the challenge of building businesses. In 2005, he decided to branch out into real estate investments. As he had done with the motivational literature, Manning read everything he could find about real estate investments and also had long conversation with one of his students who happened to be in real estate sales. According to his usual pattern, Manning had an entire business plan mapped out before he even began to acquire real estate. In 2006 he began the acquisition phase by purchasing his first 4-unit apartment house. He has now acquired and has his own company who manages nearly 60 units, with several on-going negotiations for purchases.
He is now working on a National scale to assist in the roll-out and expansion of others Businesses into National Franchising, Area-Exclusive Program, and Licensing. His ability to convert transactional businesses into Membership and Continuity income has brought significant wealth to his clients.
One of his exciting successes among many, with the assistance of his brother Ryan, was taking a client in 45 days, to more than 10 times the number of leads generated, customer and sales conversions through a proprietary online sales process. This will result in more than $2,000,000 in additional revenue, with a minimum of $500,000 in additional bottom line income to his Client, the first year out, with only one phase of the Project complete, you see why this is exciting. This client is part of Manning’s new Marketing Management Relationship Program a turn-key Marketing and Implementation Support System available only to people holding status as Manning’s Private Client.

Alex Mandossian's Blog

1964 was the year of my birth. It was also the year Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communication theory coined the phrase, " The medium is the message." According to Wikipedia, McLuhan's insight suggested this central thought: "The form of a medium ("media" plural) embeds itself in a message, creating an interdependent relationship by which the media influences how the message is perceived.

And that’s why I created, which is really the first and only membership site for family-centered entrepreneurs to engage with each other. When I say, "family-centered," I think you know what I mean. But just to be clear, I’m referring to Family as a catch-all term.

Family to me means those people you’re most familiar inside or outside of your bloodline. Your business family, family of close friends, or your civic family, if you do volunteer work.

Sadly, the institution of family has been slowly decaying over the years and I want to do my part in reviving its importance to our personal and professional growth.

Fundamentally, the family-centered entrepreneur is someone who values relationships more than transactions. I value business relationships more than business transactions for both benevolent and self-serving reasons.

It’s benevolent because it just seems like the right thing to do. It’s self-serving because I’ve made more money for my family whenever I sacrifice a business opportunity in order to preserve personal relationships.

And conversely, I’ve made less money whenever I have chosen a business opportunity over meaningful relationships. And if you know me, then you already are smiling because you know that I am not just being vulnerable, but I’m also telling you the Truth.

Now what does all of this mean to you and why you’ve been invited to this website by me or one of my Team members. The biggest reason for me is to have what I have just said be enough to inspire, motivate and persuade you to make a membership decision right now.

We First

We First is a brand leadership firm that provides strategic consulting and training to transform companies into purposeful social brands. By ensuring companies tell the story of the good work they do internally and externally, we position brands for rapid growth, social impact and cultural leadership.

How to Build a Profitable Membership Website - Digital Marketer
Change the economics of your business by properly executing a membership website.