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Horizon Goodwill Industries is a human service agency and network of non-profitable organization. Our mission is to help people with special needs and barriers in employment to improve their quality of life through work and related services. We serve 17 counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. By donating and shopping at Horizon Goodwill Industries, you are helping people and investing in your community.

Back To School Treasures Include College Needs Too!

Horizon Goodwill Industries is the smart shop for the one looking for complete set of pots & pans and their microwave would fit exactly in the kitchenette at my new apartment! Read this blog post to know how the kids are exchanging these items with neat lava lamp and an iPod.

My Daughter Asked “You Mean Everybody Doesn’t Know About This?"

Read this blog post of Horizon Goodwill Industries about the John and her daughter donating her old unused clothes at the local Horizon Goodwill store. They pay for your donation and by the amount you get; you can purchase the new clothes.

My Wife Surprises Me Sometimes

This blog is about the donation Horizon Goodwill Industries have taken just prior to loading the moving truck. With useless item people have, they help others by donating these items and also they pay money to donor for their donations.

Every Now & Then We Could All Use A Little Help

Read this blog to know about the benefits you can get with Horizon Goodwill Industries. They provide outsourcing services able to reduce overhead, control payroll expenses, lower training costs, all while increasing productivity.

Five GOOD Looks to Mimic This Season!

Read the Horizon Goodwill Industries blog to know about how someone can get these adorable looks with Goodwill. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and shop from their local store.

The Importance Of Thrift Stores In Maryland

The term "thrifting" is when a person takes what others may consider trash and creates it into treasure. Therefore, thrift stores are an ideal location to find goods to recycle and convert into...

Horizon Goodwill Industries

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley launched the EARN initiative in 2013 to encourage and improve the workforce development strategies. EARN Maryland is a state-funded, workforce development program in Maryland that has its focus and strategies for the workforce development in Maryland.

Choosing The Best Human Resource Outsourcing In Maryland

It is a known fact that Human Resource management can be a time consuming process for businesses of all sizes.A team of solid employees is the most important human resources requirementfor any company. Human Resource operations are very important to every employment organization and are, in fact, mandatory to ensure all employees are able to...

Best Ware house of Storage Systems

Many peopledo not think much about the state at which their products are stored in a warehouse until something goes wrong. Storage systems have become much more important for warehouses in order to protect your valuable documents and inventory. Storage warehouse racks plays a vital role and do...

  • Are you looking for the donation, job training program, order fulfillment and warehouse services? Then go to Horizon Goodwill Industries as we are one of leaders in serving communities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia & West Virginia.

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