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Best Rated Star Projector Night Light Reviews

Star projector night lights are very popular and in addition to the more traditional types of night light lamps, they now come in all shapes and sizes, even in the form of cuddly animals! But how do they score in terms of safety, reliability and starry night effect?

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Twilight Constellation Night Light Galaxy StarBee Projection Light

My daughter loves this light...she loves being able to see the "stars" in her bedroom....and the bee itself is so cute! I also love the fact that it turns itself off after a certain amount of time....

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Baby Soother - Lullaby Light Cube Portable Musical Night Light Soother and Star Projector with Touch Sensors - (Blue)

I got this to try and baby boy loves it. He not only loves at night when he is going to sleep but he carries it around during the day time to play with it too. I love the fact that the sound and lights are a touch sensor so he can do it him self. The timer is also perfect at night time turns it self off and I do not have to worry. Perfect for any little one.

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Le Petit Prince "Touch Active, Easy Clean" Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector Night Light by Lumitusi

This is the best quality star projection light I can find. I bought a smaller, cheaper, piece of junk that cost about eight dollars that worked great for a week then broke. I have searched high and low for a replacement. This one projects beautiful stars onto the ceiling in either an orangish, blue, green or color changing glow. It does not rotate or play music which I did not need anyway, but it does have a handy forty-five minute timer that shuts off the stars. It is built well and will not easily fall apart like the last one did if you needed to move it or bring it along while traveling. My daughter loves The Little Prince and was SO EXCITED when she saw this light and squealed when it lit stars on her ceiling.

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Star Projector Night Light Reviews

Reviews of the best star projector night lights, plush pet toys, and cute night lights to help your little ones drift off to peaceful, magical sleep.

Star Projector Night Light Reviews

Reviews and ratings of the best star projector night lights to comfort your little ones. They differ quite a bit from one to another and I always like to check actual consumer reviews as they will normally reveal which items will suit specific needs exactly.

Best Rated Star Projector Night Lights

Want to turn your little one's room into a starry galaxy full of beautiful lights? As so many children are afraid of the dark, these fantastic star projector night lights can really help to comfort...

Star Projector Night Lights

Many children are afraid of the dark and if yours tend to get up in the night for a cuddle, chances are they might need a comforting night light to help them feel secure.

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Best Rated Star Projector Night Lights

Beautiful starry nights can help your kids drift off to peaceful slumber, all you need is a star projector night light. But how good are they?

Best Rated Star Projector Night Lights

Best rated star projector night light reviews and opinions from buyers of star projector night lights for kids rooms. Infants upwards will love the constellation effect of their star projector night light to help them fall asleep as it turns their nursery into a starry night.Beautiful soothing effects from rotating star projector night lights to those that look like plush toys, this selection is the pick of the best:-

Star Projector Night Light Reviews

"I bought two of these for friends with little ones. The two things they REALLY liked were:1) No cords. Because it runs on batteries you are not tethered! It can be placed practically anywhere, with out the inconvenience of locating an outlet!2) The stars did not move.

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