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7 Reasons to Snowshoe

Here are my 7 reasons to snowshoe. What are yours?

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This is one of the best low impact fitness options for winter. Long stretches of aerobic activity with limited impact to joints.



A chance to get out and rediscover the trails you have grown bored with from summer hiking. Seen that trail to many times during the summer and fall. The snow adds a completely different visual and audio element. Not to mention it ratchets up the difficulty!


Peace & Quiet

That trail you love that is always full of people... not so full with a foot of snow on the ground. Take a day to fall back in love with your favorite trail!



Compared to other winter sports (i.e. snowboarding or skiing) this is very inexpensive. Especially if you use sites like to pickup discounted gear. You can often outfit your self for day hike snowshoeing for under $100.00. And for you gear geeks our there you of course can spend thousands if you want. :)



A great way to reconnect with friends. The slow pace of snowshoeing is perfect for chatting away the day. Lots of little rests to let those hips stretch don't hurt either!


Environmental Impact

Snowshoeing has a MUCH lower impact on the trails you use. Nothing like a foot deep cushion of snow to protect the trail beds. Still... keep it on the trail! Lets make sure our grandkids grandkids have these beautiful places to enjoy.



Dropping the temperature, increasing the difficulty, and adding weight to each step is a great way to inject some healthy low risk challenge to your daily or weekly hike.