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Subtank mini coil builds

0.15Ω Dual Center Post Coil Tutorial on a Patriot

0.15ohm Dual Center Post Coil Tutorial on a Patriot I know i'm slacking on my 'Build of the Week' series. Help a brother out and send me suggestions of build...

0.35ohm DUAL NANO COIL BUILD!!!!!!! Tutorial

Here is another build tutorial this time for a 0.35ohm dual nano coil with 26g Kanthal laying in a bed of cotton. Build is on my IGO-W and my Kamry K-101. If...

0.12Ω Quad Ohm Coil Tutorial on a Helios

Build of the Week #7 I'm back everyone!!! Sorry I had to take some time off from these videos due to some drama and I had to move. But now I'm back in action...

0.28Ω Dual Vertical Infinite Coil Tutorial on a Patriot

Build of the Week #5 Dual Vertical Infinite Coil Tutorial Here is another cool looking vertical coil that works really well for the lower gauge wires. Lots o...

0.24Ω Dual Vertical Coil Tutorial on a Patriot

Build of the Week #4 This week I go over how to build a dual vertical coil on a Patriot RDA. I love the vertical coils, it wicks great and throws out the vap...

0.32Ω Quad Parasplit Coil Tutorial on a Patriot

Build of the Week #6 Quad Parasplit Coil Tutorial I first saw this build done by deedupdex and it intrigued me. I loved the look of it and wanted to give it ...

IGO-W Rebuild - The Beast Knuckle Tutorial

The Beast Knuckle!!!! This is a style of coil I have been working on for the past few weeks trying to perfect the vape. If you have watched the 'Dual Kanthal...

(Easy Rebuild) 0.28Ω Dual Macro Coil Rebuild Tutorial on the IGO-M

Build of the Week - 0.28Ω Dual Macro Coil Rebuild Tutorial made with 24g Kanthal wire 5 wraps 1/8' diameter. Here is a nice easy build that performs amazing ...

IGO-M Rebuild - The Moose Knuckle Rebuild Tutorial 0.24Ω

The Moose Knuckle Rebuild Tutorial 0.24Ω on the IGO-M I've been using this coil for the last 2 weeks and really do enjoy it. I wanted to be sure it was a usa...


IF YOU ARE NEW TO SUB OHM & VAPING PLEASE READ: Anyone attempting to re-create or replicate any of the coil builds in any of my videos please take the necessary steps for your safety before replicating any of these builds.

Parallel Dual Coil Sub-ohm Build on Mephisto RDA (28gauge kanthal, 0.35ohm)

It's Coil Building time! Watch to learn how to build a Parallel Dual Coil on a Mephisto RDA. In this video I'm using 28guage kanthal and it comes out to 0.35ohm. I use and to check coil wraps and max amps.

How to build a Micro Coil 26 Gauge - Tutorial

An up close tutorial on rebuilding micro coils on a Helios clone rda. It is a dual micro coil setup that comes out to be a 0.28 sub ohm resistance. Thanks for Watching! Please subscribe. This build will help push those clouds! Just make sure you're using a safe battery with high enough amp ratings for any build.

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