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Architectural Engineering & Construction

Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP delivers amazing and creative architectural engineering solutions to its offshore clients. Our specialties include Architectural 3D Rendering, 3D Modeling Design, 2D & 3D Drafting Drawings, House & Floor Plans etc. "We take a comprehensive approach to design, working from inception to completion to turn an architectural vision into reality."


4D CAD Building Modeling and Construction Planning - Pursuit of Strategic, Cost Effective And Clash Free Construction...

Construction planning is a very important activity that supports smooth execution of a construction project. However, the process of construction is full of uncertainties. Conventional methods are not robust enough to measure these uncertainties and design construction schedules and logistics. As a result, 4D construction and planning has become hi...

5th Dimension - 5D BIM Estimation...!!!

BIM is a multidimensional, widely used tool across the architectural engineering, design and construction industry. One of the most significant characteristics, which we also call as the fifth dimension of BIM is cost estimation. BIM 5D is emerging, and has today become a point of convergence where the expertise of an estimator and BIM - a powerful tool meet.

4D BIM Promotes Onsite Safety - e-architect

Building Information Modeling - Survey Information 9 Dec 2014 4D BIM Building Information Modelling According to a recent survey by McGraw Hill Construction, companies using (BIM) Building information modeling are reportedly experiencing higher ROI, faster production, improved safety & less liabilities.

Sustainable Design and Green Building Standards Revised

Bhushan Avsatthi on December 11, 2014 - 12:33 pm in Column With energy resources depleting at an alarming rate, architects and engineers worldwide have realized the need to have energy and sustainable building design to ensure that a structure is eco-friendly and energy efficient. The U.S.

Energy Efficient Office Building - Prudent Ways To Help You Lower Utility Bills

Energy efficiency is the new age mantra. There is pressing need to inculcate energy efficiency as an important and indispensable part of design. The building and construction industry has embraced the concept of green building design to ensure efficient and prudent use of energy for a building's operations.

Furniture Design - Is It Real or Is It Rendered?

When you meet someone for the first time, what is the first thing that you observe? Probably his/her appearance, more likely that you observe the persons style and try to figure out the kind of work he/she does or the persons social stature and so on.

Customized Furniture Design Becomes the Preferred Choice of Interior Designers

Every home and property owner wants a house that is uniquely designed to serve individual needs. Run of the mill designs do not add the desired exclusivity to the home and office interiors. This is the reason why interior design as an industry is booming. Interior designers are increasingly...

Point Cloud to Revit BIM: Recreating As Built Environment

Scan to BIM, is a technology gaining great popularity and wide acceptance across the AEC industry. The technology has wide range of applications that include, point cloud data collection and conversion into BIM for renovation and retrofitting projects, facility management, major repair work undertaking, recreation of accidents for forensic investig...

6 Critical Reasons you should be talking about Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling allows architects, builders, engineers and developers to gain better control over their projects, and is set to become the standard operating procedure for construction projects of varying scales and complexities. AEC industry is abuzz with the high value BIM provides.

BIM 4D for Construction Scheduling Has Created Wonders in the Construction Industry

Architosh is happy to publish this viewpoint article by BIM consultant Bhushan Avsatthi is offers information and advice about the benefits of 4D BIM, mentioning the techniques and methods of Construction Scheduling. Today's software market is filled with software tools addressing this segment of the BIM pipeline.

How CAD Has Revolutionized Architectural Detailing Services?

Conventionally architectural drafts and detailing sheets were created manually; this made the process highly complex and tedious. Besides, manual drafting also meant increased chances of human errors and flaws. Even a minor modification in the draft amounted in either redrafting or compromising on the neatness and clarity of the architectural detailing draft.

What Is a Foundation Plan?

Definition of Foundation PlanA foundation plan is a sketch of the baseline of the entire structure. It represents the view of the structure that looks as if it was planned on a horizontal plane. It is used to show the design and how constructors anticipate building it.Basics of Foundation PlansEach and every structure requires a foundation.

Green Building Design and Construction – 5 Factors Giving High Performance

Sustainable building design and construction has been highly acclaimed in recent times. We witness lots of architects opting for green building design and construction, considering the environmental essentials and social responsibility towards the society they live in.

Benefits of 3D Interior Rendering for Marketing

Communication is an important aspect of marketing. And what can be a better mode of communication other than an effective visual? Using 3D Architectural Rendering Services by Hi-Tech OS; Interior Design Rendering architects and interior designers can market their designs and ideas in a realistic and impressive manner.

What is 3D Stereoscopic Models Design?

Stereoscopy, refers to creating an illusion of depth in a photograph or a two dimensional image. The idea is, to present two different, offset images separately to the right and the left eye. Both these offset images are combined in your brain, and give you the illusion of depth.

How Structural Analysis Helps Predict Vibration for Pumping Platforms?
Pumping platforms utilizing pumps and compressors are known to often vibrate, causing damage to the entire equipment and affecting the production. It is crucial to consider vibration as one of the important factors while designing the platform structure, as the entire high powered mechanical equipment is supposed to rest on it.
Trends That Will Have an Impact on BIM Adoption In 2015
BIM is evolving and its adoption and its implementation across the building and construction projects is widespread. The technology induced process is used with several other new technologies for improved results.
Viewpoint: Have AEC Professionals Really Embraced Technology?
We have always talked about how AEC is one of the pioneering communities when it comes to technology adoption. Architects, developers, and designers always want to accept and use technology be it 3D modeling, animation and walkthrough, 5D engineered models for construction, point cloud to BIM, energy modeling, or stereoscopy.
Brainstorm: Rapid Prototyping Materials
In the Product Design & Development Brainstorm we talk with industry leaders to get their perspective on issues critical to the design engineering marketplace. In this issue, we ask: What are the newest advancements in rapid prototyping materials? What are your expectations for future materials?
Abracadabra, Lo & Behold! That’s Not Real; Problems Start once you Implement BIM …!!!
Across the industry, BIM has become vernacular of the architects, contractors, builders, real estate agents and engineers. Everyone is talking about BIM and the benefits of 4D sequencing and scheduling. People want to implement it, and are sure that the returns will be exemplary.
Cloud Based 3D Laser Scanning Survey And BIM Adoption – Learning to Skillfully Overcome Hurdles
Today we see that for complex and long termed building projects, teams often choose to co-locate in order to improve coordination. However, what needs to be improved here is not just physical coordination, but also virtual coordination and this can be done by implementing Cloud. At the same time mindful use of 3D Laser Scanning Survey or features such as Surface Reconstruction From Point Cloud Data and 3D Laser Scan To BIM Conversions are certainly meant for better results.
Achieving Sustainability Goals with Building Envelope Consulting and Design…!!!
Building envelope consulting and design has become one of the prime influencer in developing energy efficient buildings. Its failure can cause an array of safety issues and adversely affect the health and wellbeing of occupants. Building condition assessment and evaluation is the first step towards gauging building envelope performance and identifying the dysfunctional elements, thus working towards improving the energy efficiency of a building.
Sustainable Building Practices with Energy Saving Models – Epact 179D Tax Savings for Daylight Harvesting

As per the EPAct 179D tax savings for buildings that achieve energy cost reductions more than the range as specified by ASHRE energy standards, get a maximum tax deduction of $ 1.80 per sq foot. This is mainly measured on the performance of three factors a) lighting b) HVAC and c) building envelope.

BIM for Safety Planning - Reduced Risks and Liabilities, Increased ROI!!

BIM Services are popularly used for project scheduling, cost estimation, lean building design, improved facility management and much more. However this information loaded 3D model can also help developers reduce the risk of accidents, and thereby reduce the liabilities and loss of life and property on the construction site.

Envisioning A Greener Environment with Cloud Computing and Energy Modeling

Clean energy is the buzz word across the AEC industry. Consumers, builders, architects and perpetually everyone involved in the building design and construction process have a keen interest in ensuring energy efficiency, and implementing clean energy supply options.