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Best Pink Noise/Sound Therapy Machine Reviews

Reviews and ratings for the best pink noise/sound therapy machines. Drift off to peaceful sleep with a pink noise machine/generator. Also called "flicker noise" it is softer than white noise, and many sleepers exposed to pink noise report more restful, stable sleep.

Best Pink Noise Therapy Machine

Pink noise therapy machines emit sounds that fall within the range of a human's hearing, from low to high. These sound machines are excellent to aid sleep and the sleep enjoyed tends to be deeper and more stable.

Best Pink Noise Therapy Machine Reviews

Pink noise machines use sound to act as therapy for those who find it hard to sleep, or during the day find it difficult to focus or concentrate in a busy, noisy workplace. The sounds emitted are softer than white noise and are likened to the sounds of the sea, rain falling and leaves rustling in the trees. These pink noise sound machines are also helpful to babies who suffer from colic and find it hard to fall, or remain asleep.

Best Pink Noise Sound Therapy Machines

Reviews and ratings for the best pink noise therapy machines to aid restful sleep and/or help concentration in noisy offices.

Best Pink Noise/Sound Machine Reviews

Pink noise can be helpful in aiding restful sleep since it is softer and more pleasing to the ear than white noise. It is especially soothing for babies and help them achieve a more restful, peaceful night.

What Is Pink Noise?

Pink noise is a type of signal that contains all of the sound frequencies that fall within the range of a human being's hearing - from the lowest pitches that a person can hear to the highest tones. Pink noise can be mixed with other noises in order to create sound masking programs. For example, pink sound systems may be designed to simulate running water, a fan, or the sound of the sea. Given its soothing qualities, some people play it as background noise to help them relax. People who have sleep disorders may even purchase specialized pink sound sleep machines to help them doze off or stay sleeping throughout the night.

The Noise That Will Help You Sleep Better

What’s going on here? Sound plays a big role in brain activity and brain wave synchronization even while you’re sleeping, Zhang explains. The steady drone of pink noise slows and regulates your brain waves, which is a hallmark of super-restful sleep Read more...

Pink Noise Vs White Noise

There seems to be a little bit of confusion as to what the difference is between pink noise and white noise. So, in this video, I will walk you through the actual definition of both pink and white noise and how they both are used for different purposes.

Treatment for Insomnia: 21 Tips To Help You Get To Sleep

A sufficient amount of deep sleep is essential to your quality of life, it underpins your performance at work and your mental and physical health. In this article, we take a "carpet-bombing" approach to the problem and brainstorm as many approaches as possible to help you beat your insomnia.

Why Do Babies Cry To Excess?

I find it interesting to note that Pub Med is full of articles based on research on vitamin B12 deficiency and psychological problems. Looking at the latest research into Vitamin B12, it appears that it is rather vital for pregnant mothers. Why do babies cry?