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Updated by Shyam Subramanyan on Mar 15, 2018
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Kolaveri Song Videos

There's a Kolaveri version for everyone. Karaoke, remix, dance videos, or even cat videos goes into this list. If this list is missing any, go ahead and add...and don't forget to vote for your favorite Kolaveri video.

The original Kolaveri Song / Video

The video that started it all. Addictive and fun to sing along. The video was clever as well - keeping things light and easy. You got to hand it to the music director Anirudh for the nice fusion of Tamil music and Western strings.

Sonu Nigam's son Nevaan singing Why this Kolaveri di

This has to be the cutest one of them all. The kids's got talent.

Why This Kolaveri Di - English R&B Remix

A cool R&B version of the song

Punjabi Version of Kolaveri

If you love Bhangra, this version is for you...

Party Mix Ft. Bups Saggu & Jati Cheed

If you thought the original song was not fast enough, here's a express party version that will get you dancing!