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Headline for Because Money | Episode 25 Budget Resources
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Because Money | Episode 25 Budget Resources

A budgeting resource list and companion piece to Because Money | Episode 25. Use the Filter option to sort between articles on the philosophy of budgeting, places to download spreadsheets, and apps & programs.


Save First, Spend the Rest | Afford Anything

I’m a massive advocate of the easiest, laziest, more awesome budget hack: Yank your savings from the top and go wild with the rest. Here’s how it works:
-You get paid. (Yippee!)
-You instantly pull your savings from the top. Set up automatic transfers into a combination of savings, investment and retirement accounts.
-Force yourself to live on whatever is leftover.

Track your money with the Free Budget Spreadsheet | Squawkfox

Knowing how much I earned and spent on a monthly and yearly basis helped me catch those needed Zzzzs and find my financial way. If you’re losing sleep over missing moolah or can’t account for your expenses, then getting on track with a budget may be the secret to a six-figure slumber. Ka-ching!

The Screaming Ninjas Are Coming | Spring (the blog)

The point: Learning to live within your means is discipline you have to practice. Financial catastrophe always strikes, and having the necessary skills already mastered will mean the difference between dealing with it and moving on or being overwhelmed and giving up. "I'm getting by. The bills get paid.

A Little Discouragement To Start You On Your Way. | Spring (the blog)

The feeling of not worrying about your next credit card statement, or the sense that things really, truly are going to be fine and it's not just blind hope or dumb luck that will make it so? It's fantastic, and it's worth the work. Trust me.

Budget Templates | Vertex42

All the Vertex42™ budget templates can be downloaded for personal use and no charge. We hope that they will be helpful to you! The templates featured below also work with OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets, so if you don't own a version of Microsoft Excel®, the only thing stopping you from making a budget is the time to download and the determination to get your finances under control.




Manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score with Mint.

YNAB - You Need A Budget

Personal home budget software built with Four Simple Rules to help you quickly gain control of your money, get out of debt, and reach your financial goals!


Quicken® is Canada's #1 best-selling personal finance software. It's easier than ever to organize your personal & home business finances with Quicken 2015.

Why Social Media is [isn't] Like Karate

My Uncle Ted is certainly not someone you would want to mess with As a 330 lb out of shape kid who preferred video games to hard work, "disciplined" was not really a word used to describe me. In hopes of changing this, I asked my Uncle if he would teach me karate.