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Updated by Fusion 360 on Dec 17, 2014
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8 Things to know about Advertising in November of 2014

Everyday, companies release increasingly interesting advertising campaigns. Due to this, the following list outlines eight important pieces of advertising news that occurred in November. To learn more about contemporary advertising trends or create a successful advertising campaign, Utah companies can contact a local advertising agency.

Google and Times Square

In November, Google announced that their large billboard in Times Square will allow individuals with a specific mobile application to create and play with their own Android characters on the mega screen.

Snapchat Creates New Advertising Format

Samsung recently became the first to purchase an “Our Story” feed on Snapchat. Although advertising on Snapchat can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Any top advertising agency in Utah can help their clients create a successful Snapchat based advertising campaign.

Apple Donates to World AIDS Day

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Apple will donate a portion of its retail and online sales to support Red, an AIDS charity.

Heineken Receives an Award

A beer brewer, Heineken, just received an award for one of their advertising campaigns that inspires their clients to be travelers, not tourists. Inspirational campaigns are a successful marketing technique. In order to understand and employ this technique, businesses can contact an advertising agency in Utah.

Electronic Cigarette Campaign Trouble

The British Medical Association is upset that a campaign, which shows an individual using an electronic cigarette, has been released. The group believes that the advertisement breaks predefined smoking advertisement rules because it applies to non-smokers.

Google Lets Users Eliminate Advertisements

Google Contributor is going to allow its users to pay a few dollars every month in order to eliminate Google AdSense banners.

Chocolate Bar Benefits from John Lewis Advertisement

After a popular Christmas advertisement was released, a completely unrelated company that sells penguin biscuits has had a 75 percent increase in sales. Each experienced advertising agency in Utah understands the contemporary advertising market and can often help their employees benefit from or benefit in conjunction with other advertising efforts.

An executive at Uber was recently accused of searching for a reporter’s location without their permission. Due to this, the company has hired a law firm to review their privacy policy.




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