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Headline for Best SAD therapy lamp/light box reviews for seasonal depression
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Best SAD therapy lamp/light box reviews for seasonal depression

SAD lamps/light boxes can help you overcome your seasonal blue moods and feelings. Many people feel depressed during Winter due to reduced hours and strength of sunlight, but with a SAD lamp/light box you can use the light to wake up and feel yourself again in as little as 10 minutes. Give yourself a little longer and you could feel the difference for the rest of the day. The portable therapy light boxes and desk SAD lamps are great for all the family, even the children who find it hard to get out of bed!

Best SAD Lamps/Lightbox Reviews

SAD lamps can help to alleviate the winter blues and depression that comes with reduced hours of daylight, bleak weather and a long time until springtime. Easy to use and fit in with your life, a drug ...

SAD Lamps, Do They Work?

A good tip is to keep a diary of your moods. Before using your SAD lamp for the first time, just jot down how you feel each day at the same time; using numbers from 1 – 10 with 10 being the worst. For example you could log how tired you feel, how low, if you feel weepy for no reason, how much motivation you have to start your day etc. Over time you may start to see a positive pattern and if the only change you made was to invest in a SAD lamp, then it was a wise investment indeed.

SAD Lamps - Do They Work? Treating Depression With Light Therapy

Many people suffer from the Winter blues. This tends to come from the dark mornings and early sunsets and during the day many people are stuck inside a building filled with fluorescent lights that are quite unlike the natural daylight that the body and mind craves.

Health tips for SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

Chris Hyslop gives his Health tips for SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder. See our eshop at for the products mentioned and our technical website for more information at . Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Natural Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Treatment Find out what does the founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola, recommends for naturally treating seasonal affective disorder or SAD and why he uses full spectrum light bulbs. To know more about Full Spectrum Light Bulbs, visit These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Treating S.A.D. through Light Therapy

Who hasnt felt like staying in bed and hibernating in the depths of winter? If its an occasional feeling, no problem, but if its chronic, you could have seasonal deficit disorder (SAD). First and foremost its important to get a diagnosis from your physician or health care provider, and then you have two options and both have been validated scientifically.

Omega Sunlight SAD Light Therapy (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Super Bright

I avoided getting a light therapy device for years despite my doctors recommendation because I couldn't afford the hundreds of dollars they cost. Then I found this one and thought I'd take a chance... this Omega is the REAL DEAL! You will not believe the amount of light that pours out of it... I usually keep it at 50%. It has variable light settings, variable programs, variable timer settings, and you can NOT beat the price for a brand NEW Blue Light Therapy Device