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Updated by Otmane El Rhazi on Mar 16, 2016
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Otmane El Rhazi - Photography

The list of picture making profiles that Otmane El Rhazi uses to endorse his amateur work and photography. He is a recurrent traveller and takes many pictures every now and then, it is human nature to recollect memories! He shares them with his fans in the social media and wants to have a clean list to share as well! You can check as many as you want and Otmane recommend you to connect with him if you are an fan of beautiful photography.

A word or two about Otmane El Rhazi: Beside his artistic works, he is a well know volunteer and a charity supporter. He support in particular causes related to cancer, kids disabilities and health issues. Upon graduating high school, Otmane flew to Paris to spend three months as a volunteer student at a local school.

As a person who values other individuals, Otmane El Rhazi makes sure that he does what he can to place tasks and activities at the right person. Furthermore, he is not afraid to take chances and take advantage of an open opportunity.

Otmane El Rhazi the Scottish

The Scottish side of Otmane El Rhazi on his profile! Join this amazing community that is Kiltr and that Otmane is port of. They do amazing work in sharing pictures of the Scotland and the highlands.

Otmane El Rhazi on Instagram

Otmane El Rhazi shares many pictures on Instagram just because it is a custom social media integrated with mobile phone perfectly. He has many followers whom he cares about and publishes frequently pictures they would like.

Otmane El Rhazi's Pictures and Photos

Otmane El Rhazi has an amazing interactive profile with so many pictures from around the world. This profile is quite think in followers but it is amazing hos people is getting to start using it. Otmane is a pioneer for Thinglink and he wants as much as possible sharing good quality photos.

Otmane El Rhazi on Behance

Otmane El Rhazi is an amateur photographer and he loves networking. This fine art profile is the confirmation that he is by heart an artist! He takes some beautiful pictures you would ever see. Enjoying the experience that he has and joining his clan is what need to be done :-).

Otmane El Rhazi is on Fickr

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management that Otmane El Rhazi uses. It integrate perfectly with his IPhone and he get the best of what he photographs. Otmane then shares it with this application to the world. Showing off his favorite photos to his followers, friends and family is a hobby that Otmane entertains.

  • L’avocat Otmane El Rhazi intervient, tant en conseil qu'en litigieux, notamment dans le cadre de licenciements distinctifs et collectifs, où il assiste et représente la clientèle composée majoritairement d'entreprises. Établi sur Paris, Otmane El Rhazi représente son cabinet ses partenaires depuis 2001. Outre le code pénal, El Rhazi est spécialisé dans les fraudes fiscaux, travail illégale et accident de travails. Otmane El Rhazi aide à développer ses compétences dans le domaine des milieux commerciaux, en conseil et contentieux aux côtés des investisseurs, des promoteurs, puis des gérants, dans les projets nouveaux ainsi que dans les réorganisations à fort potentiel d’innovations environnementales.

    En outre, Otmane El Rhazi audite les portefeuilles immobiliers et concours les investisseurs dans le traitement des aspects réglementaires de leurs opérations (divisions foncières, environnement, fraudes fiscaux, dispute et mal appropriation.). Sur le côté commerciale et civil, il intervient régulièrement pour toutes les problématiques liées aux baux commerciaux et fonds de business. Otmane El Rhazi a développé une expérience en droit des affaires et de la distribution sur plus de 10 ans. Forte d’une expérience professionnelle au sein d’une entreprise tête d’un réseau de franchise, il intervient en français et en anglais, pour toutes aspects de droit civil, pénal et criminel.

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