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Updated by Fusion 360 on Dec 12, 2014
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5 Precautions Every Cyclist Should Take

Cycling is one of the most popular forms of exercise in Utah. However, when an individual does not take the appropriate safety measures, the consequences of cycling can be fatal. In order to avoid cycling accidents, a cyclist should know all traffic laws, ride with traffic, make eye contact with drivers, and be alert and consistent when riding. Furthermore, if one is ever hurt on their bike, they should immediately seek medical attention and contact one of the state’s personal injury lawyers.

Know The Rules

In order to stay safe, it is essential that cyclists understand their rules and responsibilities. Although there are some general rules for safety, such as not running stop signs or red lights, some rules are more difficult to understand. Before Utah residents take to the road, it’s essential that they understand Utah’s specific traffic laws.

Always Ride With Traffic

In Utah, it is illegal and unsafe to ride a bike on the sidewalk. Furthermore, it is extremely dangerous to ride a bike on the road in the direction of oncoming traffic. The top personal injury lawyers in Utah urge their clients to ride as far from the road as possible and immediately contact a medical professional if they are ever harmed on their bike because of an external factor.

Ensure Drivers See You At Stoplights

When a cyclist is at a stoplight, it’s important for them to make eye contact with the drivers around them. When a driver acknowledges a cyclist, they are more likely to drive with care and make sure they receive ample room to ride.

Consistency Is Key

Cyclists can avoid personal injuries by riding consistently and predictably. When cyclists are predictable, drivers are more likely to be aware of their presence. Furthermore, any individual who is harmed on a bike should immediately seek medical attention and contact one of Utah’s personal injury lawyers to discuss their injury.

Be Aware

One of the best ways for cyclists to protect themselves is to be aware. Individuals who enjoy biking should always know what is behind them and look out for hazards, such as glass or snow, in front of them.




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