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Editor's Picks BEALEADER 2014

Editor of BEALEADER picks of the best articles on BEALEADER by the Resident Writer team

Who Are You? Understanding the Power of Character - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

As a former elementary school teacher and principal I recall the unforgettable moments when all arms were rested on the desk, with heads down as I exited the room but for a brief moment only to return to catching the "selective few" of young students who was willing to take the risk of capitalizing on the opportunity to create disruptions within the classroom.

10 Things You Hate About Your Boss - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

Unless you work for yourself or are the MD, having a boss is often a necessary evil. Just like your family, it's usually not someone you choose, but someone you end up with. If you're lucky this person can be an extremely valuable asset.


In my estimation, there are two types of people in this world; Mayonnaise people and Miracle Whip people. My Mother will not eat a sandwich without the hefty slather of Miracle Whip and my ex-wife's love of mayonnaise is SO GREAT she won't even look at Miracle Whip in the grocery store (let alone buy it).

Leading On Tech: Creating A Podcast With A Limited Budget (Video) - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

BioTwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInLatest Posts Scott MurrayWriter at Great Scott Ideas Scott Murray is a creative professional specializing in marketing, writing and content production. @MrScottMurray Follow @MrScottMurray...

How Important Are Relationships To Success? - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

Positive relationships help us become more supported, supportive, connected and fulfilled! I recently came across this quote and it really hit home as it pertains to relationships in life: The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

Three Fundamental Questions For Committed Leaders - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure." -Joseph Campbell Take the time to read or listen to some of the stories of our nation's Medal of Honor winners, and you will find similar themes running throughout all of them: "What I did was nothing special."

20 Critical Questions Every Leader Should Ask - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

Developing the habit of asking questions has made me a better decision maker. It has helped me develop better decision makers, too. Asking the right questions, getting the best answers, and putting those answers to use has countless benefits.


Every organization wants TALENT. But not every organization is bestowed with the LEADERSHIP that unleashes talent's power. Talent without leadership is as good as spitting into a gale-force wind. I learned that lesson growing up in a working-class district of Toronto in the 1950s.

Leading On Faith: Finding Comfort In Silence - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

Most of us appreciate a good conversation with a close friend and the nourishment these talks provide. The opportunity to share what's going on in our lives, to express our thoughts and feelings, and of course to have a laugh or two, is precious indeed.

When Is "Good" Advice Not Advice? - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we struggle to take what seems to be "good" advice? There are very few people out there in this big wide world who can safely say with true authenticity that they took all great advice they have been given.

Leadership in a Not-For-Profit Association - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

Leadership in a conventional "for-profit" entity represents the traditional model most often analyzed for enhancement or improvement. In a for profit entity, the rules of engagement of management and leadership are fairly straight-forward and well understood by all parties. The "for profit" entity operates according to a Mission and Vision statement, a Strategic Plan, and an annual Operating Plan and Reforecast.

What Hiring Managers SHOULD Be Asking During The Interview - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

During an interview, there's a lot of uncertainty. The company and the candidate are both curious and nervous - it's kind of like a first date - everyone's scared to ask the wrong questions, to say the wrong things.

How Learning To Delegate Can Transform Our Businesses - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

As an owner of an organization, we are ultimately responsible for how our organization conducts itself. And, as an organization grows, it requires us to recruit team members and for us to delegate authority as the workload increase. In his book Entreleadership, by Dave Ramsey, he uses rope as a visual to convey the concept of delegation.

Beige is Boring: 3 Ways to Be Memorable. - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

Corporate branding and organizational story telling are big business. Just look at BP and the $211 million they spent for their logo design alone. Crazy? Maybe not. A fter all, powerful logos and messaging evoke emotion and influence.

Why Employees Are Afraid To Tell You The Truth - BEALEADER | BY LEADERS FOR LEADERS

What is truth? In the context we will be discussing today, the truth will be recognized as a fact or reality. I am not writing today about the abstract truth which may be interpreted in different ways by different people.