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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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Why Gamification Works

I grabbed a few resources from the people I most respect in gamification to pointers to why gamification works.

Don't play with the tool unless you understand the why - that would be my advice

Follow the Credit Link for a full list of gamification people


Meaningful Play. Getting »Gamification« Right.

Sebastian is a thought leader in gaming. He's got more of an accedemic / UI slant. He's a great story teller.

How search for his Google Talk - Amazing stuff

He's very levelling. Challenging. Just what you need to know to be successful in gamification

The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way (Jesse Schell)

Great talk from @JesseSchell - Author of the Book of Lenses.

The good stuff really starts at 12:30 in. The first bit is a fun recap on a prior talk.

Jesse is one of the most visionary people in gaming. He's also a natural storyteller and he's highly innovative. I'd never miss a chance to see any new content he puts out.

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World

This is where I'd begin. Read this book.

Jane McGonigal is spot on on explaining why gamification works. She's not a fan of the term . Check out her talks on YouTube or Ted

Great storyteller and if you see her live , she'll have you playing games

Theory of Fun for Game Design

Great book. I read it immediately after Reality is Broken. @RaphKoster is amazing

Smart Gamification: Social Game Design for a Connected World

Awesome content. Heaps of respect for Amy. She's been in gaming for a long time. Totally gets it. Well worth seeing her talk.

It Started with a Loop -> It's all about feedback > Great Slides/Story

Great examples. Whats your loop. What are your users going to learn. Focus on that first. Why people will be drawn in.

Simulations NEED to have or NICE to have

The term Gamification has raised the awareness and interest in using games and simulations as serious instruments to support organizational learning and organizational change. In the Netherlands this month GamingWorks has been invited to present the value of simulations to a group of CIO's.