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Funniest New Year's Resolutions


Walk more, but wherever I'm going, do it without staring at, using, or listening to my smartphone. I dare me!


Sell all managed investments. Shift capital to online gambling sites that provide a more secure rate of return.


Get a new look, or for that matter, get some sort of look.


Improve my listening skills, or at least my 'pretend to listen' skills, or maybe just nod my head once in a while.


Emulate the Hollywood stars by doing something about global warming - even if it is merely an empty, symbolic gesture.


Quit smoking period. This should be doable as I do not presently smoke.


Finish a chap-stick for once!


Text more to people NOT sitting in the next room…or the same room.


Try taking a selfie that looks like a picture of an actual person.


Don’t be convinced again by that 2AM infomercial.


Spend more quality time with the special people in my life, which, come to think of it, is pretty much me.

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