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Instructional Design Articles

Here are some starter articles for learning more about instructional design. Please add any you find which are informational!

5 Content Troubleshooting Tips for Instructional Designers - eLearning Brothers

Do you ever feel stuck as Instructional Designers with content you can't work with? Do you feel uninspired as to how to make something active? Do you feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again? Here are some potential cures for what ails you. 1.

3 eLearning Tips You've Forgotten Since Kindergarten - eLearning Brothers

With eLearning tips, I'm often impressed by how much each of us knows something without actually knowing that we know it. One of the books that opened my eyes to this tidbit of knowledge was a simple yet profound book, All I Ever Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulgham.

Teaching Online : Pedagogy : Design of an Online Course

Follow the five (5) steps of the ADDIE model will help you identify the most appropriate and effective learner-centered instructional strategies for any course setting.

Best Practices in Designing Online Courses

Section III. Instructional Design

Best Practices in Designing Online Courses Las Positas College This document, along with the accompanying examples, was created to help LPC faculty design online courses that are instructionally and pedagogically sound. The best practices are a synthesis of strategies, activities, design techniques, organizational tips, etc., that have been successful in higher education.

How to Design an Excellent Online Course

I presented a session How to Design on Excellent Online Course at the e-Learning Strategies Symposium conference this past weekend, and share in this post highlights and the presentation slides. I was fortunate to have excellent participants [mostly K-12 educators] that contributed to an interactive a session; a portion of the session was devoted to application, where participants...

Online Course Design – Infographic

If you’re an experienced educator, you’re probably used to designing classroom courses. However, when you step away from the blackboard and into the world of virtual learning, you need a whole new set of tools, training software and practices to guarantee your program is a success.

Designing An Online Course

If you are considering teaching online or are looking for ideas to freshen-up your current online course, you have come to the right resource. Designing for the online environment presents unique challenges, but it also opens a world of exciting possibilities for engaging students in their learning.

BlendKit Course: BlendKit Reader: Chapter 1

Pay particular attention to: Blended Learning Design as an Emergent Process

Second Edition Edited by Kelvin Thompson, Ed.D. BlendKit Reader Second Edition Review Team included Linda Futch, Wendy Clark, Loretta Driskel, Wilma Hodges, Cub Kahn, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Denise Landrum-Geyer, and John Okewole. If the second edition is helpful, thank the review team. If not, blame the editor.

Instructional Strategies for Online Courses

Effective online instruction depends on learning experiences appropriately designed and facilitated by knowledgeable educators. Because learners have different learning styles or a combination of styles, online educators should design activities that address their modes of learning in order to provide significant experiences for each class participant.

The Rubric - Rubric for Online Instruction - CSU, Chico

Focus on both:
Online Organization and Design
Instructional Design and Delivery

The six domains of the Rubric for Online Instruction are listed below. Click a domain to see the criteria associated with each of three rankings (Basic, Effective and Exemplary).