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Updated by Fusion 360 on Dec 09, 2014
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Secrets That Can Help You Run Faster

Many individuals wish there was a single secret to running faster. Unfortunately, this one secret doesn’t exist, but there are several techniques that can improve one’s running performance.


Run Up

Run Up

Although many runners avoid hills, this shouldn’t be the case. Running up a slope during a training session can help an athlete increase their leg and lung strength. Generally, exercise scientists recommend that their clients run up a hill that takes 30 seconds to climb at least once a week.

Track Running

Many runners shy away from running on tracks because they don’t understand their benefits. Overall, tracks are often flat and free of traffic, making them an ideal location for one to log their training progress. Generally, when individuals see that they are improving on a track, they are more motivated to continue to increase their training level and therefore, their running speed.

Fuel is Key

In order for a body to run faster, it must be well fueled. Food also helps individuals feel energized and complete their training sessions with more running speed and accuracy.

Run Against Stress

Many individuals run to combat stress. However, focusing on personal problems requires much mental effort, which can decrease the speed of a run. Many famous coaches and athletes suggest that while their clients or friends are exercising, they only focus on the task at hand and deal with more complicated matters later.

Write it Down

Any individual who is serious about increasing their running speed should consider writing in a training journal. This journal can help an athlete understand how their body feels, which enables one to optimize their training and increase their fitness level and running speed as quickly as possible.




Mackenzie Martin is a health writer. Information provided by Mettis Trainer. Mackenzie writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +.

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