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Updated by Fusion 360 on Dec 09, 2014
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Video Trends of 2014

Online videos became increasingly more popular in the year of 2014. From social media apps to video production companies stepping up their game, nearly everyone with a smartphone or video camera and social life attempted to become a videography expert.


With the invention of “My Story,” Snapchat users found it easier than ever to share every detail of their lives with their friends and family. Short videos are the best way to capture just the right amount a concert, or show you tearing it up on the slopes. It’s even a great way to sneak a funny video of your girlfriend killing that Lil Wayne rap and share it for everyone else to enjoy without her getting too mad since it’s only available to view for 24 hours.


When Apple released the Slow-Motion feature on their newest software update, slow motion videos began popping up left and right. Even video production companies started using it more to highlight products and brands.

The unique slow motion feature allows those videoing to add a dramatic flare to their stuff. Action videos just became that much funnier, especially when accidents happen at super slow speeds.


Just the opposite of slow motion, Instagram recently released “Hyperlapse,” an app that speeds up videos. Nearly everyone started to hop on the bandwagon and make time-lapsed videos. Whether it was videos of the commute home or the sun setting, it wasn’t hard to find Hyperlapsed videos all over the Internet.




As GoPro began to increase in popularity, so did videos made and shared with the device. From amateur wake boarders to video production companies, everyone and their dog used the fish-eyed lens to capture their craziest adventures of the year.

Explainer Videos

Video production companies realized the benefits of explainer videos and they began to pop up everywhere. Because humans tend to have fairly short attention spans, companies often find that the more information they can pack into a short video, the better.




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