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Hitech Outsourcing Services

Dec 11, 2014 -- Many engineering structures and equipments involve the interaction with fluid flow, and remains a major factor influencing the performance characteristics. It is quite obvious considering any engineering application that fluids will interact with solids at any point, whether internally or externally.

Mobile Devices Are the Weakest Link for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The time has come when the fact is accepted and discussed at large, the one that we have been trying to resist since long. We all are aware that today mobile Apps for Enterprise Management consider mobility at their core. It has given new peripheries to businesses by transforming operations – better engagement with customers – and of course an innovative approach in business models that boosts up revenues.

Beauty Retouching and Image Editing - Every Inch A Fashionista

When you surf through magazines or look through fashion catalogs online, you see models with perfect hairstyles, perfect bodies and flawless skin. You might be wondering how these models can look so beautiful. Most of us slog at the gym and still there is no end to the troubles.

3 Eternal Truths of an Effective SharePoint Development Project

For corporate and large enterprises, SharePoint is a highly flexible and efficient website management platform. However, building corporate websites using Microsoft SharePoint might sound like an uphill task for some. Here are some points to consider before actually taking up SharePoint development for Web content management and customer experience management, and ensure that the project proves to be a hit with the clients.

How Offshore Outsourcing Affects Customer Satisfaction?

Many people perceive that offshore outsourcing is not dependable, and at times requires more monitoring for being in control of situations and avoid challenges that one would have originally faced in case of in-house customer services. But things are changing for the better.

Best Sheet Metal Drawing & Design Services

For a smooth fabrication or forming process, it is important that sheet metal geometry is defined properly so that it can be bent, punched, cut or welded according to the project requirements. As such, sheet metal drawing and design is altogether a different service a manufacturer should look for when working with the CAD design outsourcing partner, so as to avoid material scrap, control cost and improve productivity.

Hi-Tech Partners with DriveWorks to Configure & Automate Product Designs for Manufacturers

In our pursuit to be one of the leading design support solution providers to manufacturers globally, we at Hi-Tech joined hands with DriveWorks, the leading design configuration and automation tool company. This makes us India’s first authorized service partner, delivering solutions for DriveWorks implementation, design automation along with CAM, ERP, PDM, SQL, web and other specific integrations.

Shop Drawings; Benefits to Construction & Product Manufacturing Mechanical Design Projects

Coordinated MEP shop drawings for sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical, have attained the position of crucial aspects in the manufacturing and construction industry. Shop drawings are contractor’s drawn version of information shown in the construction documents 2D CAD drawings using SolidWorks & they showcase more details than the construction documents.

In-House Rapid Prototyping or Outsourcing it?

The increasing availability and affordability of 3D printers, makes it an ideal choice companies and enables them to develop prototypes in-house. However, there is an increase in number of outsourcing firms as well who provide rapid prototyping services to manufacturers, which further helps companies to reduce cost of prototyping and gain advantage of working with experienced professionals in the industry.

How SolidWorks can make a difference in your environment

Get high-quality, accurate drawings, 3D models and virtual prototypes for your product designs from our team of Certified SolidWorks Professionals.

CAD Conversions: Across Paper Drawings to Manufacturing Simulation

With consistently changing market trends and customer requirements, it becomes quiet difficult for design engineers to alter the designs and start it over from scratch. Simple automatic conversion of 2D drawings to 3D CAD information might sound simple at first go; but when the software encounters intersecting lines or surfaces and hatch patterns, it is bound to make mistakes which can only be solved accurately by a CAD expert.

Importance of PMI Callouts in Implementing MBD for Product Development

Model Based Design (MBD) is the obvious step ahead in digitally transforming the manufacturing operations. However, is this approach beneficial for the firm?…

Why the shift to CAD Models for Products having readily available Design is recommended?

The need of 3D CAD models has arisen in the times of accuracy and quick product fabrication and to prepare a list of information related to cost, materials, and design intent.

Metal sheet Design for Manufacturability

It is common for large fabrication units to outsource design to engineering service providers so they can focus on core activities. However, selecting the right partner helps avoid further widening of the gap between the ideal and real worlds. Work with partners willing to collaborate, interested in knowing more about manufacturing processes, and involved in developing sheet metal products. Look for firms that have past experience of successful projects and the needed resources before handing over a design task. This will ensure that ECOs are few and the product is brought to market faster.

2D drawings and 3D CAD models have the same accuracy, then why did design engineers go extra length?

In spite of the same accuracy, design engineers shifted to 3D CAD models as they have advantages of better design features, communication and manufacturing.

CAD Conversion Facilitates Quick Digitization of Design Data

Scanning to CAD conversion gives ease in CAD model creation. It helps manufacturers & design engineers with manufacturing process information & design alteration scope.

Mass Customization: Maintaining the Productivity & Profitability Balance

Product manufacturers are facing a new challenge of developing custom products in masses within tight development schedules. To remain competitive, manufacturers require developing products that differentiate them from others in the market, and customization is certainly a factor that can favor their goals. But, to apply customization at a mass level is often complex.