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Updated by Fusion 360 on Dec 05, 2014
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The 2015 Ford F150’s LED Lighting Options

Despite the F150 already having foresight in many ways, the new LED light features only add to the foresight used in its engineering. Illumining whatever path may lay ahead, these LED lights are soon-to-be essentials for truck lovers worldwide.

Upper Front Lights

The new Ford F150 is full of exciting upgrades. With the Utah winter promising heavy snowstorms, the addition of the 2015 LED lights to the front of the truck will help with visibility. The switch inside allows the driver to choose between the lower and upper lights depending on conditions and ambient lighting.

The lower lights on the front allow for the driver to have better visibility to the ground. This type of light option is great for white outs in the snow. The lower lights guide the drivers without blinding others caught in the snow.

Side Mirror Lights

The newest addition to this Ford F150 is the LED lighting offered on the side mirrors. The spotlight allows for a little extra light in those dark December days. Whether it’s a Utah storm or a dust storm bristling through the desert, the added light will help the driver.

Bed Lights

The pickup bed in the F150 is a new addition that Ford has made for the 2015 edition. These lights help when loading the bed with items. They are particularly useful when using the ramps. The extra visibility offers users more efficiency.




Ford has added more LED lighting options to the cab of the F150. Whether it’s reading lights best utilized while waiting out Utah storms or lower lights on the pedals, this truck has them all.




Ciera Putnam is an automotive writer. Information provided by Henry Day Ford. Ciera writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +

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