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Lists Worth Sharing

We're starting a blogging series to round up of what's new, great & innovative in the world of "Lists".

If you see a cool blog post that uses a list add it to this list. We'll pick the best and feature them in a weekly blog post.


If Logos Were Honest

Haha you've got to love Viktor Hertz's work, it's honest and teeny bit cheeky but brilliant. It's guaranteed to make you laugh - he's turned some of the most popular corporate brand logos into satirical designs. They're all honest, you'll find yourself agreeing with most of them unless you work at the company and are [...]

Make your ideas Art - Visual Arts meet Creativity - Design, Photography, Art: Articles, Tutorials & Inspiration

Passing through college or training course to become a wedding photographer is just the first step. Here are some tips on how to get the wedding jobs you want.

Top Ski Resorts In The World For Fresh Powder

We proudly present to you the Top Ski Resorts In The World Of 2011. Resorts you can travel to in knowledge you have a good chance on fresh powder any given day. Data is up to 40 years of historic data gathered from meteorological institutes, not the resorts.

Giving Good - Aol Impact - AOL Impact

AOL Impact connects people with charities, makes it easy to get involved, and shares the missions of organizations simply doing amazing things.

101 Examples of Social Business ROI

A few years ago, I put together a list of social media marketing examples. The list contains 324 examples of brands putting social media to use and at that point in the social media industry's evolution, it was the best of what was around (and still might be).

5 Killer Facebook Marketing Infographics by @jeffbullas

This caught my eye as unique - if a little graphics heavy.

Connie Dieken | The Top Influencers Alive: 10 Breakout Influencers of 2011

Oddly this was a list with no links.

Perhaps a case of less is more.

12 Great Ways to Use Your Business Blog’s RSS Feed

I've noticed a few great lists from KissMetrics.

10 of the Best Social Business Communities & Why They are Important

Full screenshots grabbed my attention here. It's an old post, but got featured in a list of best posts on CMS Wire. A Meta List

TechCrunch | 12 Things That Won’t Happen In Online Video in 2012

There are no shortages of “predictions” articles, here I look at a dozen things that won’t happen in the world of online video in 2012, even though they should.

Communities and Conversations for Blogs and Brands

Interesting home page made from 3 lists. 2 that are scollable, 1 that's dynamic.


I liked the home page. Cute the way a list of items scrolls buy and the message changes

Our 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011 | Link Humans

Cute post. I liked the visuals of the Tweets and the crowns as well as the fact the list is grouped by category.

The 11 Best Innovation Essays We Published In 2011 | Co.Design

Writing the day after Steve Jobs announced his resignation from Apple, Co.Design editor Cliff Kuang identifies what made the innovator special: his ability to look at tech as a user rather than as a line manager. When company executives talk strategy, the question, whether spoken or implicit, invariably is, How can we be more like Apple?

My Social Media Wish List for 2012

Inspired by Likeable media - and a similar effort by Brittany Berger - I started thinking about what I'd like to see in social media in 2012. Sticking to what I know, I've come up with three things for each of the four primary social networks I spend time on - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Will Santa Deliver This Year? My Social Media Wish List For 2012 | Likeable Media

(or Hannukah Harry depending on your beliefs) It's that time of year again. Thanksgiving is over and everyone is in the holiday spirit. As I start to make my wish list, there's a few things the social media world would be happy to have.

12 Steps to Audit Your Competitor's SEO

Posted by Chad Pollitt on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 @ 06:37 AM There are over 200 attributes Google looks at in their search algorithm when determining where a website should rank. Many of them are known while others remain mysterious. Additionally, the weight assigned to the attributes in the algorithm and the relationships they have with each other are estimates.

You Must Read This: 12 Experts Pick Their Favorite 2011 Blog Posts | Heidi Cohen

What was the best of 2011’s blog posts? It’s a difficult question since, as Lisa Gerber points out, a lot depends on what’s happening at the time and what stands out on a particular subject. Further, take my word for it, writing strong, compelling content on a regular basis is hard work.

7 Political Trends To Watch For On Facebook In 2012

Look for Facebook to play a major role in what promises to an exciting year in politics. With the presidential race and congressional elections -- not to mention state and local races -- heating up in 2012, candidates and campaigns will be using Facebook in new and innovative ways.

The Seven Communication Secrets of Marc Benioff

I had the pleasure of having a great seat at Dreamforce a few weeks back, with Neil Young, MC Hammer, and a few other dignitaries seated just a few rows in front of me. I remember as I watched the opening keynote thinking, "I've got to blog about this."

7 Reasons Why You Should Use List Posts On Your Blog!

(Left Photo Credit to: jirvinphotography) There's been some debate in the blogosphere about whether or not list posts make for good blog posts. On one hand, you have the advocates, who say that list posts earn them more traffic, and on the other, you have bloggers saying that list posts are boring and lazy.

The Best Web Hosting Companies - Top Web Hosting Reviews of 2011 - Who Are The Best Web Hosting Companies?

So your out shopping for web hosting? Who are the best web hosting companies of 2011.Our#1 Web Hosting Pick is Hostgator and we offer a (1 CENT WEB HOSTING PROMO)

The 10 posts I learned the most from this week – The Startup Toolkit Blog

Happy new year! This is a new post format. Does this sort of once-a-week curation deliver any value, or is it just blog spam? Please let me know in the comments, on twitter (@robfitz), or via email ( Thanks! All the very best.

5 Lessons from 150 startup pitches

I just reviewed several hundred startup pitches for Capital Factory. Most were on paper and video; 20 were invited to pitch in person. You're probably making a lot of these errors too. Not that I blame you! After all, these became clear to me only after seeing hundreds of applications; you don't have the luxury of that perspective.