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Top 12 Most Posts of 2011 - The People's Choice!

Please vote for YOUR favorite 12 Most Post from 2011. The top 12 posts will be published on 12 Most. The voting will close on 12/31 as we close the year. Can't wait to see your Top 12 Most Posts of 2011- the People's Ch


12 Most Overrated SEO Tactics (That Don't Work!)

Knowing where to focus your time and energy when it comes to executing SEO tactics that will have value and drive rankings, traffic, and conversions is key to building a long term strategy to grow your online business. Below you will find the 12 most overrated SEO tactics that don't work.

12 Most Wonderful Moments in the First Year of Motherhood

Post by Nischala Murthy Kaushik
A touching post on the wonderful moments in the first year of motherhood

12 Most Nerdy Tips for a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Science continues to unlock the secrets of what makes GREAT coffee. I'm a nerd at heart, and as I continually savor coffee with villagers, government leaders, coffee barons and coffee geeks in Africa and Asia, as well as here at home, I've picked up the following keys to fantastic coffee.

12 Most Compelling Reasons to Write

Over the last few years, I have discovered my love for writing. Along this journey, I have discovered its many benefits. In this compilation, I have articulated the 12 Most compelling reasons for you to write. I do hope you enjoy reading this and it inspires you to start writing!

12 Most Important Ways to Let People Know They Matter

When I think of people who made the biggest impact in my life, it was not their expertise or accomplishments that provided me with the direction, guidance and reassurance I needed to accomplish my goals. It was their sincere belief in me.

12 Most Effective Ways to Expand Your Professional Network

Have you ever asked how people got the network they have? When people ask how I've grown my professional network, I make clear to them that it was never by buying followers, gaming any system or just for the pure fact of having numbers!

12 Most Important Things Children Want From Their Teachers

Whether you are a teacher, parent, relative, boss, or fellow community member, each of us has a chance to make a positive and impactful difference in a child's life. But in order to do this, we must carefully consider this question: What do you think matters most to our children?

12 Most Obvious Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media

Post by Daniel Newman.
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12 Most Telling Characteristics of a Social Media Troll

I define a social media troll as someone who seeks to lure or bait people into negative, disruptive rhetoric for their own edification or to commandeer an otherwise free-flowing discussion among colleagues. They don't recognize anyone that may be interested in discussing something that bores them and opt to criticize or yell "boring" instead of engaging in the discussion.

12 Most Useful Ways Kids Can Learn With Cell Phones - |

We live in a world that is increasingly mobile. In order for adults to connect with our kids and students, we need to mobilize. Kids love their phones, they are highly motivated to use them (constantly), and they always have them right there with them (if they're allowed).

12 Most Likely Reasons I Am NOT Following You on Social Media

If you're like me, you're trying to find some peace through a work / life / social media balance - and are becoming increasingly frustrated with time-sucking follow requests on Twitter, Google+ and more. Here's a simple filtering process I'm using, designed to eliminate followers at first glance.

12 Most Important Skills Dads Need To Learn With Raising Daughters

The parenting role of men has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. We are more involved in parenting, doing non-manly things, and supporting our hardworking spouses in the workplace. Now if you throw in having a daughter (or daughters) you need to learn these important skills to be an effective "daughter dad."

12 Most Effective Uses of the 120 on Twitter (Yeah, I Said 120!)

So I know Twitter has been around for 5 years now and everyone and their brother or sister has written a post like this. Come to think of it, I think I saw the Pope writing about his Twitter techniques… not really.

12 Most Annoying Behaviors of Sales People

Sales people are notorious for being annoying. The telemarketer who interrupts your dinner. The used car salesman that chases you around the lot. The ad guy that breaks through your gatekeeper by indicating that you are really close friends. Sales people from many different industries do countless things that bug us to no end.

12 Most Essential Attributes of the Best B2B Salespeople

There are certain attributes that B2B salespeople must possess in order to succeed. Most of the attributes are the very same attributes that are shared by all successful people across many endeavors. With these attributes, you are certain to succeed in sales. Without them, selling well is difficult (and without a few of them, impossible).

12 Most Irrefutable Laws of Business Heresy

The more business leaders I talk to in my career, the more I've learned to cringe at the follow-the-lemming mentality steering most companies. Want spectacular results in business? Find out where everyone else is going - and run, don't walk, in the opposite direction!

12 Most Enchanting Features of Google+

Special thanks to Guy Kawasaki for writing a guest post for 12 Most and being a supporter of our efforts here! 12 Most highly recommends reading Enchantment if you haven't yet. Check out the Enchantment Facebook Page. We are enchanted Mr. Kawasaki!

12 Most Ridiculous Job Titles in Social Media

Let's first frame this post with the question: The purpose of titles is to provide a descriptor of the individual's job function. They are as important to the employee as they are to the customer. For the employee, they establish ownership over their job responsibilities and maintain structure within the organization.

12 Most Self-Serving Reasons to Post Blog Comments

Everyone in social media has a different formula for success. Commenting is a sure-fire method to increase your followers, your blog's status, and insure you that fleeting 15 minutes of fame! Yes, there are many universally agreed upon things to do to enhance your presence online.

12 Most Essential Principles For A Long and Happy Marriage

I was inspired to write this by my recent wedding anniversary and dedicate this to my best friend and wife of 22 years, Jennie. Over the years we are often asked by others - and frequently discuss with each other - what it is that makes a successful marriage.

12 Most Memorable Moments Canoeing The Bowron Lakes, British Columbia

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I was fortunate to hike, camp and canoe in some of the most beautiful outdoor areas in the world. Many of my most adventurous trips were as a young Boy Scout on our annual 50 mile hikes.