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Updated by Fusion 360 on Dec 03, 2014
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8 Signs you should see a Foot Specialist

Many individuals experience problems with their feet and ankles, but don’t understand when they should see a foot doctor. Utah residents who have lower extremity conditions that don’t go away with time and rest should see a foot specialist who can diagnose and treat their condition.


Odd Sensation

Odd Sensation

When individuals experience odd sensations in their feet or ankles, such as numbness, burning or tingling, it can be an indicator of a serious condition. Due to this, Utah residents who are experiencing any of these three symptoms should schedule an appointment with a local foot doctor.

Activity Causes Pain

Individuals that experience pain during exercise or activity might have a stress fracture. Although stress fractures fluctuate in pain intensity, any individual with pain should see a foot doctor who can detect a stress fracture. It is crucial that stress fractures are caught in their early stages before they become broken bones.

Sudden Pain

Although sudden pain is most common in Utah residents who have just undergone surgery, it can happen to any individual. In fact, sudden pain often occurs when an individual has an infection or another serious issue.

Elevation Causes Foot Pain

Individuals who have deceased blood flow or an artery disease are often uncomfortable when their feet are elevated. Utah residents that experience pain when lying in bed or elevating their feet should immediately contact a foot doctor to discuss their unique situation and symptoms.


Some individuals experience foot or ankle deformities that can be painful, discolored and swollen. These symptoms are often signs of a problem called Charcot, a disease that can cause bones to slip out of their place.

Changes in Arch Height

Some Utah residents complain of changes in the curve of their arches. Any individual who thinks their arch height has changed should contact a local foot doctor who can determine what is causing the change.




Many individuals have moles on their feet and ankles that are completely safe. However, if an individual ever notices a mole on their lower extremities is changing, they should contact a Utah foot doctor.

Abnormal Growth

Abnormal growths on the feet often look like lumps or bumps. These conditions can be serious and have the possibility to turn into a tumor. When a Utah resident experiences any abnormal growth on their feet, they should contact a foot doctor who can evaluate their situation.




Mackenzie Martin writes for Wasatch Foot and Ankle. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +.

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