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Blackjack for Beginners | Betbubbles

You can play blackjack at three different skill levels. First, just play your hunches. On a roll? Go ahead, split those tens. Got a feeling the next card is a seven? Double down your 14. (But we don't recommend it.)Hey, if you get lucky, you can win a lot of money in a short time.

Blackjack Comps 101 | Betbubbles The Amazing Gambling Guide

MORE CASINOS ARE CATERING TO TABLE-GAME CUSTOMERSAbout once a month I get the following complaint: We have been playing slots at so-and-so casino for many years. On our most recent trip, however, we decided to try blackjack for the first time. We sat down at the table and played for two hours betting between $5-$15 per hand.

Blackjack:Higher Advantage Significantly Increases Risk | Betbubbles

It's time for your annual trip to Vegas. But it'll be different this time. No more being a patsy to the casinos. No sir! This time you've got the upper hand. You've bought the book. You're going to learn to count cards. This time you're going to see fear in the pit boss's eyes.

Blacjack Insurance, Surrender and other plays the player can make | Betbubbles

Insurance, Surrender, Early Surrender Most Intermediate players are familiar with these terms; however we don't see a lot of players playing these situations properly. Also, its a good idea for Beginners to get an idea what these terms are, and what they mean to the player.SurrenderDefinition: Surrender allows you to stop play on any hand under 21 and lose only half of your original bet (assuming the dealer does not have an Ace up).

Blackjack Soft Hands | Betbubbles

When playing with an Ace in your hand, remember from the introduction: "Soft hands are hands that involve an Ace and can be played as if the Ace were a one or eleven." Note: An Ace can change from a one to an eleven only when you say so, and you can go back and change your mind.

Blackjack Splitting | Betbubbles

What is Splitting? When your first two cards are of the same value, you may separate them and play them as two separate hands. In order to do this you must double your original bet so that you are betting the same amount on each hand.

Blackjack Double Down | Betbubbles

What is Double Down? Double Down means that you may make a second wager no higher than your original bet (not necessarily doubling your original bet) and receive ONE and ONLY ONE additional card in return.

Blackjack Tournaments: The Winning Edge | Betbubbles

This article is written with the typical Casino Player reader in mind. Most likely you already play blackjack well and have a solid understanding of basic strategy. In essence, you are far smarter than the average gambler. However, despite your experience, you haven't yet ventured into blackjack tournaments.

Blackjack : The Good, the Bad and the Studly | Betbubbles

Of all the sports available in this world, blackjack is certainly one of the strangest. In all of sportdoms other pursuits, be it baseball, football, pro golf or tennis, the best in the world not only get to bring home the bacon, their pictures are plastered on everything from sneakers to cereal boxes.

Blackjack Insurance: Should you make this bet? | Betbubbles

The count was high and I had two $90 bets out. I was dealt 20 on the first hand, 14 on the second and the dealer showed an ace.She started to check her hole card."Wait a minute. I want insurance," I said."I didn't think you took insurance," she said."Only when I have a big bet."

Blackjack or baccarat: Which offers the best chance of winning? | Betbubbles

Baccarat and blackjack are two of the oldest casino games in the world; both are hugely popular, although they've traditionally appealed to slightly different people. Whereas baccarat has often been the sole preserve of rich, glamorous high rollers (the chemin-de-fair version is the favourite game of James Bond),

Blackjack strategy - should you hit or stand? | Betbubbles

On the face of things, blackjack is one of the easier games you can play at an online casino.

Blackjack - Player Choices | Betbubbles

So you've sat down at a blackjack table and know the basics. Try to get as close to 21 as you can without going over. Hope to beat whatever the dealer gets. Got it.But what about these other choices, beyond deciding how much to wager and whether to hit or stand?

Tips for playing Live Blackjack | Betbubbles

One of the most appealing things about blackjack is its immediacy - pretty much everyone knows how to play this classic card game and even if you don't, it's easy to pick up. But just because you've already played a few hands, this doesn't mean there's no room to improve your strategy.

How to play blackjack without looking like a dork | Betbubbles

I'll tell you the real reason why slot machines are so popular: They are easy to play. Pop in some coins, pull a lever (the less inspired need only press a button), watch the wheels spin and voilá you lose your money.