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Updated by Donald McLeman on May 17, 2015
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The Top 10 posts on

The Top 10 posts on in terms of comments and views. Please take a look at any you've missed :)


9 blogging tools that I use (and one that I can't)

The business of blogging keeps overflowing with things to do. As well as researching your next post you're coming up with ideas for the one after and you still haven't finished promoting the one before.

Unlock the power of infographics

In recent yeas infographics have wallpapered the internet, spread by people with a message to tell and a public eager to click on it. Infographics deliver across a wide front. They translate complex information into a form that people find easier to follow and understand.

How to generate new ideas or The Reinvention of Normal

Dominic Wilcox is a designer and inventor who questions the normal way things work. He challenges the very simple things we take for granted to create new unexpected possibilities. Our first reaction is 'This is fun!'

Pinterest marketing - creating a space for ideas

Pinterest is more than a resting place for wish lists of fashion must-haves, crafting how-tos and scrapbook recipes. It's a tool used by consumers to hone their buying intentions. Pinterest is used to extend awareness of what is available, it enables users to investigate trends and it places products in a lifestyle environment.

Listen for ideas in customer complaints

No one welcomes customer complaints. If you've answered the phone to them you'll know what I mean. But it's possible to find new insights into your product or service if you see complaints as opportunities. Look closely and you might identify hidden weaknesses. There may be areas for improvement or gaps in your product range.

6 steps to find your solid gold business idea

At the birth of any business is an idea. For most people coming up with the idea is the hardest part of starting a business. When you have your idea the path forwards becomes an almost automatic flow through a business plan to the fine details of implementation.

Find a niche and dominate a niche - top 5 best-selling books

I was talking recently to Richard Martin of He happened to revisit sites that he'd built and abandoned years ago. Forgotten sites were bringing in revenue long after he'd turned his back on them. With a little bit of effort those neglected sites could become very profitable businesses.

The 3 best mind map tools for online use, and why they work

Mind-mapping can get more out of all sorts of problem-solving. Brainstorming, planning, note-taking, research... But it's also good for presenting complex information with ease, and it's such a break from PowerPoint. When your thoughts are popping into your head at random a mind map lets you pin down everything and explore it fully.

Wearable computing becomes smart jewellery
Wearable computing is evolving into a new niche of smart jewellery where aesthetic appeal is elevated to a key feature.
10 ways you can use the Internet of Things now
In the Internet of Things objects themselves access the web – they share information, automate our routine tasks and anticipate our needs. The products of the future are here now.