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Best School Administrator Blog - 2014 Edublog Awards

This and That

Priority 2 services, now known as Category 2, will focus on internal connections to provide wi-fi connectivity within your buildings. As a district we have not seen Priority 2 funding for many years due to our eligible rate falling under the percentage awarded, so the per student formula is a bright spot.

Joel Pedersen

be that #oneperson

Dr. Cook's Blog

For the second year in a row our school participated in the Millville City Holiday Parade. The parade has been around for a long time (not sure when it actually began). We began putting a float in the parade to help our students understand their place in the community.

The Principal of Change

Stories of learning and leading

Collaborating, Communicating, Critical Thinking, and Creating

Last night, our Response to Intervention coaches planned a Family Math Night to kick off Fact Busters Month at Hale Kula. Teachers have expressed concern that students in the upper elementary grades are still counting on fingers and don't have their facts memorized.

A View From The Edge

News and Notes from Oklahoma Educator Rob Miller

The Colorful Principal

I will keep this brief. One of my goals for the past few years has been to share joy through pictures. If you check out my twitter feed it typically has pictures to check out. All this in an effort to share our story and spread joyful moments with others.

Adjusting Course

Responding to the Needs of the 21st Century Student (by Brad Gustafson)

Supt Fastnacht's Blog

I have now been working in the world of education for nearly a quarter century. During that time, I have watched the court of public opinion and politicians wreck havoc on the education system.

Bailey & Derek's Daddy

My thoughts on leadership, education and life

Life of an Educator

"Life of an Educator" is the personal blog of Justin Tarte. Here I will share my thoughts on education in an effort to improve schools by helping Educators to reflect upon their current practices and beliefs. The opinions expressed here represent my own and may or may not represent those of my current employer.

Practical Theory

A View From the Schoolhouse

Edu Change & Advocacy

The term DIY - Do It Yourself - has been around for over a century.Originally, it referred to those that would rely on themselves for everything from home repairs to various fix-it projects.

Superintendent's Office DPS109

"In order to be a leader, a man must have followers. And to have followers, a man must have their confidence. Hence the supreme quality for a leader is, unquestionably, integrity. Without it, no real success is possible." - Dwight D.

A Supts Blog; Where The Road to Excellence is Always Under Construction

Great weather, great people, great support for our graduates...what more could a Supt ask for? Below is my speech as written (delivered fairly close to what was written). The tips are a collection from my online all good teachers, there is a bit stolen from others mixed in with my own take.

Ripples of Change

I recently wrote about Climate and Culture and for Leadership Day 2014 I would like to expand on these ideas and share what I have newly learned about Power. Leadership is a group phenomenon that occurs when two or more people interact, and an individual or subgroup intentionally seeks to influence the behavior of others (Owens & Valesky, 2011).

Leading Motivated Learners

Then I started thinking about my time as an administrator... a principal... an educational leader... a lead learner and I thought to myself... WOW... ten years? Already? Where did the time go?

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