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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Jun 22, 2017
Headline for Music Everywhere: 10 of the Best Music Making Apps for Ipad
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Music Everywhere: 10 of the Best Music Making Apps for Ipad

Music carries with it our memories, emotions, and part of our identity. It rarely ever enters our ears without all of those extra things attached to the beat. The ability to make music at our fingertips is great for creativity, stress relief, and learning. Here are 10 Ipad apps for excellent music making.

DrumPerfect for Ipad

The drum is the heartbeat of any song. DrumPerfect gives you the opportunity to make the beat that resonates with you and every other ear available.

Garage Band for Ipad

With this app you have an entire band in the palm of your hand. Craft a song by yourself, or invite friends over to collaborate. It's so much better than just a night of killer air guitar.

Sunvox for Ipad

Sunvox is one of those apps that draws you in with it's beauty and then impresses you with it's potential.

iElectribe for Ipad

Released by KORG, this Ipad app is for beat makers everywhere. Be the EDM god at the party, at school, or in the comfort of your bedroom.

Beat Maker 2 for the Ipad

Beat Maker has an easy to use interface, and is great if you're just starting out and if you're already a pro. It's pretty fantastic.

Looptastic HD for the Ipad

This app has a drag and drop way of making music. It creates with great effects and loops. It's a lot of fun for the first-timer.

Dubstep Studio Pro for Ipad

Feel like Skrillex with the power of your fingertips on the Dubstep Studio Pro. It's a fun to use genre based music app for those who want to turn their apartment into a club.

Thor for Ipad

Thor has an interface that could spark the creative musician in anyone. There's so much potential for amazing music in this app. It's a great addition to your dream studio.

Audiobus for Ipad

Audiobus ties in all of your music apps for the ultimate composer experience. It's a must have if your serious about making music on the Ipad.

NanoStudio for the Ipad

Nano Studio offers up infinite opportunities for a music making experience. It's like having your very own dream studio right in your back pocket just waiting for your hit of inspiration.