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Why User Pinterest - A List of Interesting Posts

Printerest has caught fire and it's a really interesting startup story.

I wanted to capture the best of posts explaining why use Pinterest and it's growth story. And it's cultural influence

12 reasons Pinterest is the social network to watch in 2012

Posted on December 26, 2011 by Rob Petersen If you think there are enough social networks already, Pinterest is different. It's an "online pinboard" that lets us "organize and share the things we love" with others. It was started in December 2009 and run in various beta formats until its launch in August 2011.

Study Shows Pinterest Will Compete with 'Top-Ten' Social Networks

On Pinterest? Follow Mashable to check out our favorite infographics, tips and tricks, web memes and technology! Pinterest, a social networking site with an "online pinboard" interface, has made great strides this year.

The 50 Best Websites of 2011 - TIME

Illustrations by Alexander Ho for TIME Treats for ears and eyes More " Online fun for all ages More " For love of the games More " Satisfy your need to know More " Saving money — and time More " What to buy, where to go More " Sites for a new and improved you More " The world beyond Facebook More " When it's time to play More " Come here, leave smarter More " The apps you don't want to be without More " Our annual blog extravaganza features 25 fresh picks, covering everything from politics and pop culture to travel, tech and beyond More "

TechCrunch | Hitwise: Pinterest Grows Nearly 40-Fold Past Six Months

Pinterest's growth over the past six months has been nothing short of astounding. We've noted this before, but some new data today from Hitwise confirms the trend. Last week, Pinterest attracted 11 million visits, up almost 40-fold from just six months ago. Pinterest is now one of the top 10 social networking sites Hitwise tracks.

Pins, Boards, Followers, Pindemonium! - Lance Weisser

Why is @Pinterest my favorite new social network when it's basically an overgrown soccer moms fantasy scrapbook? Pinterest boards continue the blog rolling trend started by tumblr but they make them so much easier to interact with. I see Pinterest already becoming a valuable portfolio marketing tool for Fashion, Interior, Graphic and Architectural designers as well as Photographers and Authors.

TechCrunch | Pinterest, Ticketmaster, Others Demo Open Graph Websites and Apps That Auto-Publish To Facebook

Facebook's Open Graph app launch event is about to start here in San Francisco, where the company will demo over 60 new Open Graph websites and apps that can publish user activity back to Timeline and Ticker. Though they've got their demo screens turned off and name tags hidden, we've spotted third-party developers including Pinterest, Ticketmaster, Gogobot, and Rotten Tomatoes.

Pinterest Drives more Traffic than LinkedIn and Google Plus | Business 2 Community

Do you ever feel a strong urge to update or check Facebook? Is the desire to Tweet overwhelming and you have this compulsion to "Tweet" for no particular reason? Are you starting to wonder if you have a social media addiction?

TechCrunch | Where The Ladies At? Pinterest. 2 Million Daily Facebook Users, 97% Of Fans Are Women

OMG. Pinterest now has over 10.4 million registered users, 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users, and 2 million daily Facebook users, according to Inside Network's AppData tracking service. With gorgeous photography, and links to shopping sites, Pinterest is becoming an obsession for flocks of women. And they're not afraid to show it, I mean, Like it.

Umpf Blog » Pinterest: 10 reasons why it will be bigger than Twitter

It’s pretty hard to miss Pinterest at the moment. Every time I look at my Tweetdeck there’s a Pinterest mention or a Pinterest link (notice how many people are un-shortening Pinterest links they want to share on Twitter, just to show you they’ve a Pinterest account?); every ...

TechCrunch | Five Ways Brands Can Leverage Pinterest Now

Pinterest is hot. White hot. The 2011 Crunchie award winner for Best New Startup has been on a roll lately, hitting almost 12 million monthly unique visitors and crossing the 10 million milestone faster than any previous independent site, according to comScore.

56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest | Copyblogger

Don't let all the hearts and flowers floating around on Pinterest fool you. Behind all that beauty, Pinterest is fast becoming a heavy hitting marketing tool.

How Pinterest Is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business

Move over Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Another social media site is stepping up as a valuable marketing tool for businesses. Pinterest, an online bulletin board for your favorite images, launched in 2010 and is already experiencing wild growth. The site registered more than 7 million unique visitors in December, up from 1.6 million in September.