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Best Student Blog - 2014 Edublog Awards


Simply Aubree

Ramblings of a country girl.


Hi! My name is Nikkolas & I have Type 1 diabetes. This site is part of my homeschool work. I hope it helps you. I also hope you will support the site by shopping through my links or making a direct donation.

Come Somersault With Sarah!

While we were making the banana bread and pumpkin bread, my dad and grandma were preparing the turkey. They had to clean it, stuff it with fruits and vegetables, season it, and put it in the oven to bake for 5 hours.

Miriam's Magical Moments

A couple days ago, I went on a school trip to Toyon Bay, Catalina Island. I had an amazing time from the minute we arrived. That morning, I had to get up a 5 am and get ready for the bus. After a couple hours on the bus we arrived in Long Beach and went onto the Catalina Classic.

Mateo's Blog | Student Challenge Winner

Animals and plants both work together to survive in biomes all over the Earth.Biomes are lands with living and nonliving things.The Prairie is located at Asia, South America, Europe, North America and Africa.If you want to know what to pack, these are some ideas.There is 10-20 inches of rain a year.There will be dust storms. Fire is not foreign in the Prairie.

Jazzy | Happy Holidays!!!

The third person that I chose to nominate was in the category Best Student Blog.This person, has been noticed by Mrs. Waters several times and has been apart of the blogging challenge for some time now. I found this candidate that I have nominated, through my exploration of the blogging challenge.

Alyssa's Blog

Make sure to check out my other pages and leave a comment.

Steven | Mrs. Morgan's Superstars 2014-15

Once was a guy named brine. He loved to mine. One day he mined straight down and he fell in some lava. He died. Brine was reborn as herobrine . He was known as a villain to minecraft. A minecraft villain that everybody fears. In plain sight.

The Warrior Kat

For me, it's about: Being with my family. Eating delicious food. Getting out of school. It is also a great time to remember all the things you are thankful for. For something fun, I made a Thanksgiving mad lib. Hope you like it!

Cody's Best Ever Blog

dear mum you have been the best mum ever you have been so so so so so so so so so so so nice and you have bought me so much things to play with.

Ale's Blog | Happy Halloween

The world issue I want to help solve is the killing of African cats like cheetahs, leopards, lions and tigers. I chose this topic because I want to help the African cats. People are going and killing the wild cats because they want their fur.

Savannah's Blog

Halloween started in Ireland which is now the United kingdom about 2,000 years ago. These people called Celts started growing food and then having a feast every year. The Celts called their festivals the Celtic festivals and the started the festivals so then they could celebrate other things and carve pumpkins.

English at Sandvika

This year is a year with many anniversaries; 100 years since the Great War, 25 years since fall of the Berlin wall, and 70 years since the Allied landings in Normandy, D-Day. In June, 1944, Nazi Germany was crumbling. For five years they had fought against nation after nation, laying most of Europe under occupation.

Jarred's Plane | Welcome Aboard Passengers

We Have all heard of the deadly virus known as Ebola. Ebola has killed over 5 thousand people in Africa ever since the virus started It has also spread very slightly to NYC (new York city) and Cairns in Australia and possibly a few more countries as well.

Chrissy's Cute and Creative Blog

Here's the deal, last Wednesday at our school we got to watch a live chat with Taylor Swift while she discussed reading, writing, and books! And now our teacher, Mrs. Donofrio has asked us some questions so we get to answer. On Thursday of this week Usher will also talk about books with Scholastic.

Ocean's Blog (Dogs Rule) | DOGS RULE

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Write a post on a global issue you would like to help solve I chose animal cruelty as my issue because I am really passionate about animals and I believe that animals deserve to be treated with respect. One of the charities that supports animals and works to fight against animal cruelty is the RSPCA.

make them right - words, thoughts, and (sadly) assignments

The language most spoken by number of native speakers is Mandarin (with 955 million), Spanish ( 405 million) and English is in third place ( 360 million). English is the second on the list of languages spoken by first and second language speakers (Mandarin is the first again).

Blogging with Sophie

I found that when we were dancing at the party we were very squished. I know that this is a very minor issue but I still think that it could possibly injure or hurt some people at the party.

Riley J's BAD BOY Blog | Just another site

The world issue I am writing about is lung cancer. I am passionate about it because my favourite football team's assistant coach died from it. Cancer is a big problem and it goes around very quick people die every day from it some people survive from it which means they were very lucky.

Cameron's Awesome blog

Cancer is a big problem that affects lots of people. Some people die and some people are lucky to survive. We need more people to raise money for cancer so that more people can survive from Cancer.

Nick's Blog

Cancer is a global issue and is a big threat to people with the virus and is a very tough road to go through and also their family. My grandma also died of ovarian cancer at a young age.

Sofia Online

The world. Our world. Our world can change. But, the world cannot change by itself. We need to help it change. If our world does not change, we won't live in peace. This is why, Rosa Parks tried their best to stop racism. It did help, but not a lot.

Bella's Blog

Right now I live in Chula Vista, California. Just outside of San Diego. The weather is always nice. There are a lot of things to do and places to go. We have great restaurants with amazing food. There are great neighborhoods and great people. The truth is I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Grace's Musical Blog

Did you ever think this world is disgusting, well I think it is because every one can't be bothered to put there rubbish in the bin they just put it on the floor. Here are some things about pollution and some things that are happening. Here we go...

Jack O's Awesome Blog

they have recently established that there is an excess of heart defects in children born after infertility treatment. We now have the unique opportunity to undertake analysis of conditions during embryo development that contributed to adverse outcomes for these individuals.

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