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Math - Number Sense

Ordering Numbers: Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

Help this hungry, hungry caterpillar find some food by putting the leaves in the correct numerical order. Challenge yourself by selecting larger numbers.

Comparing Numbers: UFO's in Space

Click on the highest number to stop the invasion!

Comparing Numbers: Speedboat Racers

Click on the largest number to win the race.

Ordering Numbers: Sharks!

Compare and order numbers AND avoid the sharks!

Place Value: Fireworks in the City

YOU are in charge of the fireworks in the city. Make it a great display by adding the correct units.


Help the swimmers by jumping on the number line.

Place Value: More SHARKS!

There are sharks in the water! Look carefully at the unit blocks to stay safe.

Place Value: Number Machine

Play math games and go on quests with the Cybersquad. Lots of free online math games and puzzles to play.

Place Value: Pirates

Read the clues to get pick the pirate! Select the non-decimal game.

Place Value: Mystery Pictures

Click on the word form and the correct standard form to reveal a picture.

Place Value: Fruit Shoot

Learn place value models with this fun math game that involves shooting the fruit with the correct math answers.

Math Games: Mathman Place Value Expanded Form

Mathman teaches place value expanded form the fun way with this maze style math game.

Expanded Form Game - Island Village Creator

Create a village then walk inside!

Half-court Rounding

Half-court Rounding is a game in which students try to score as many points as possible by rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, or tenth. This is

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