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Web and Cloud Hosting

Netrouting provides Global Hosting and Data Services from Data Centers across Europe and United States, with over 7 years of experience in Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and more
Dedicated Servers in Europe and United States - Netrouting

Netrouting offers you the finest hardware and connectivity at affordable pricing. Also wide range of hardware configuration options and connectivity features from the most prestigious countries in the world

KVM Cloud Servers for Cloud Hosting - Netrouting

Netrouting offers top of the line Cloud Services built on HP's award winning c7000 series. KVM Powered Cloud Servers are ideal solutions for Application Hosting, Web Hosting, Saas and various other heavy duty purposes

High Performance Servers Colocation - Netrouting

Netrouting offers you a reliable and highly secure accommodation for your equipment with first class connectivity included. Netrouting guarantees optimal performance and availability of the data on your servers.

Reseller Programs - Netrouting

Netrouting Reseller Program provides exceptional benefits and high quality products for resellers. Reselling Netrouting servers ensures customers of having the highest performance and reliability possible.

Poodle Vulnerability: Securing Online Transactions - Netrouting Blog

Netrouting Poodle Vulnerability - How to Secure your Online Transactions Google recently tested a type of attack called POODLE, which is short for "Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption". This led to the discovery of a vulnerability in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version 3 protocol or in short SSLv3.

Poodle: Vulnerabilities in Older SSL Versions - Netrouting Blog

Netrouting Poodle - Vulnerabilities in Older SSL Versions and Preventive Measures After a slew of security alerts pertaining bash shell shock and SSL heart bleed, a group of researchers at Google recently tested a type of attack called POODLE, which is short for " Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption".

About Web Hosting Company - Netrouting

Netrouting is a leading provider of high quality Web, Virtual, Colocated and Dedicated Hosting Services, with a customer base comprising CDN suppliers, ISPs and more

Connectivity Services - Netrouting

Our growing multihomed backbone is fully Juniper MX powered and MPLS/VPLS ready. Netrouting connects with some of the most prestige TIER1 carriers in the world such as NTT/Verio, Level3 and TeliaSonera. The Netrouting backbone offers you a redundant, high speed Internet connection with service at over 15 data centers worldwide.

Scalable, Secure and Reliable Data Centers - Netrouting
A government built to purpose data center facility that was acquired and renovated by Netrouting in 2012. This 11.000 sq. ft. Data Center is located in Spijkenisse (Rotterdam area). Netrouting SPK1 is directly connected to our global network and offers access to our full services portfolio. Our Spijkenisse location was opened back in 2012.
Multihomed Network - Netrouting
Netrouting utilizes Juniper MX and Brocade MLX series for its core infrastructure. The network infrastructure is scalable, diverse and most of all reliable. Our core routers are geographically spread over multiple data centers in Europe and United States, connecting all Netrouting data centers to the Internet.
Netrouting utilizes Juniper MX and Brocade MLX series for its core infrastructure. The network infrastructure is very scalable, diverse and most of all reliable.
NGINX as a Reverse Proxy - Netrouting Blog

In this article we will learn how to setup NGINX as a reverse proxy for apache web server.
Now there are plenty of articles online with intricate details that might be confusing and too complex for your taste. What I am describing here is a very simple bare-bone configuration which you can setup within 10 minutes! What we wish to accomplish is using NGINX as a reverse proxy which servers all static contents and forwarding request for PHP files to apache.