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Updated by Angie Wilson on Jun 22, 2017
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My Surfing List

My crazy sea surfing list; that has pictures, amazing articles and news about Surfing only :)

Is It Really Dangerous to Surf at Night

You can say it more of a different experience than the dangerous experience, but there are a few of the essentials which must be assured beforehand going on a thrilling experience. If you plan to go on night surfing than check if the area is densely populated?

Surfing the Internet for Surf Board

In the modern era,the development of the internet, the comfort ability and accessibility of requesting surfing items and purchasing surfboards of different types online has turned into a worthy approach to shop and buy another board.

Tons of Surfers Gather to Honor UCSB victims with memorial paddle

University of California-Santa Barbara surfers and Isla Vista residents get together at the ocean this Wednesday on the eve. At Santa Barbara off the coast huge numbers were seen to honor the six killed and injuries of 13 at the shooting rampage which took place last Friday.

Terrific Surfing by the Surfer in Santa Cruz, California

Looks like most of the young passionate sports freak are so obsess with their favorite athlete or sports person that their hair style, dressing and even the playing style is actually a copy version. They tend to think themselves as they are the same person at some times.

Take a Break and Blast with Under Water Diving and Surfing

Is it fun to surf with a full pack crowd, well most of the people rely on crowd and like to take on beach and swimming when pack with group of friends, while few love to spend quality time alone at swimming, sun bath or may be surfing.

High Level of Fitness for Surfers

Surfing or be it any sports starts with unconditional efforts by the athlete and dedication that should not be compromised with diet, exercises and focus on the game. You can observe the pro surfers to learn and be inspired.

What Are The Ideal Conditions to Surf!

The thrill and excitement of riding wave's lies on the smartness of surfer, it lies in the fact that how smartly a surfer interprets the weather conditions and makes the decision to go for surfing. the surfers are fortunate in this regard, as the venue remains the same but the conditions are different all together daily.

World's Top 3 Surfing Champs

Surfing is one of the most exciting activities that one can really have fun doing in summer season especially but it is not just an activity for everyone rather it is a completely sports as we all already know about. There are various champions organized globally for surfing.

The Astonishingly amazing Six Year Old Surfer Quincy Symonds

Quincy Symonds a six year old surfer, who undoubtedly is one of the best youngest surfers ever on the planet, is known by a title called "The Flying Squirrel". Quite famous across the internet and social media the young sensation truly shows that talent and skills sees no age, but it is just a natural instinct which needs to be polished rightly.