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Types of Panama Residency Visas

Your Source for each kind of residency visa in the Republic of Panama. This is not a complete list of the types of residency in Panama. Contact Shiara Stevens for all of your residency and incorporation needs in Panama. #Panama #EscapetoPanama #PTY

This Visa is for the pensioner. Some of the best parts about being a Panama Pensionado is the discounts at hotels, restaurants on flights and of course front of the line privileges at banks etc. You also will qualify for a one-time exemption from duties for your house hold goods with a value up to $10K. You can also bring in a tax exempt automobile

Requirements- You must have a minimum monthly income of $1,000 from a pension either government or private. For each dependent you will need an additional $100. If a couple has cumulative pensions of $1,000 they also qualify.

This visa type allows anyone with a minimum of $300,000 to become a Panama resident and then full Panama citizenship.

There are three ways to accomplish this-

  1. You can purchase a property in your personal name with a value of at least $300,000.
  2. Purchase a $300,000 CD in a Panama Bank.
  3. You can combine the two forms above as long as they are greater than or equal to $300,000.

The Panama Business Investor visa requires an investment of $160,000 or more in a new Panama business or Panama corporation.

If you qualify for this type of Panama visa you will be granted three visas with a length of two years before you can apply for permanent residency.

The Panama Agricultural Visa gives you the opportunity to invest a minimum of $60,000 or more in a Panama agricultural business. You can also qualify if you invest $60,000 or more in a Panama aquaculture business.

You will receive temporary residency status for six years, which you have to renew every two years.

The Panama Reforestation Investor visa requires that you invest a minimum of $80,000 plus you must purchase 5 hectares of land approved of by the Panama government certified reforestation project..

The Reforestation Investor visa can help you achieve permanent residency and possibly citizenship.

The Republic of Panama has designated 47 nations who do not need visa's to enter the country. These same nations also qualify for a fast track residency program.

The wording states, "citizens of friendly nations with professional ties with the Republic of Panama". You can do this by setting up a new business or incorporate in Panama. You can also qualify by being employed by a Panama company.