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Best New Blog - 2014 Edublog Awards

YappGuru - Blog

Next up on our list of featured app developers?? SPEECH WITH MILO! Co-founder Poorani Doonan sat down with us and helped us get to know them better. Continue reading This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged apps, education, iPad, iphone, milo, speech language pathology, speech therapy, speech with milo on by .

Numeracy @ CEPS

A game using all four of the operations. An opportunity for students to develop strategies for solving the four operations or working on their automatic recall of number facts. Materials Needed: * Two six sided dice * A set of number cards per player numbered 1 - 12.

Teach Between The Lines

A Blog Dedicated to Creating the Next Generation of Superheroes! Support for Developing Teachers

Begins with a Problem

This is a 2-3 minute read. What Problem Based Learning means to me As I have mentioned elsewhere, I first encountered Problem Based Learning during my MA studies. It struck me as a potential approach to answer a host

Ready, Steady, Go!

In keeping with my resolutions for the new school year ( see previous post), I've added a new daily activity to my pre-school classes. I call it 'Talk Time' because I like alliteration and it's simple enough for the little ones to say and remember.

Crawling Out of the Classroom

This year has been an incredible learning journey for me so far. As I have worked to give power back over to my students in the classroom and to help them take more ownership of their learning, I have seen dramatic results. This classroom is quickly becoming a shared space.

Homeschool Towers: Believe in You, Always!

I can't believe it is almost time for Thanksgiving again. I feel like I am in the Spy Kids movie, All the Time in the World, where a timekeeper steals [...]

The #aussieED Blog

Monday 10th November was our first time hosting a TeachMeet - it was great to meet people who we had only seen on twitter before. There were some great presentations about how to provide students...

Blue Cereal Education

In Part One of this amazing trilogy, I may have left the impression that my goal was to cover 225+ years of American History through the lense of "Liberty vs. Security." Thats' a good goal - I like it - but I'm not sure I'm the man for the job.

Celeste Début

As I have said earlier, one of my goals was to win the Edublogs Awards for 2014... and that time is now! Please nominate Celeste Celeste Début by going to the following link: Thank you for all the help! This question is a trivia question, let's see who the real fans are!

Disappointed Idealist

There's been a great story in the last two days about one of my old favourites, Mossbourne, announcing that it plans to select some of its children by "aptitude to row". Immediately, a brief spat broke out between those who saw this as a proxy for selection by "aptitude-to-have-wealthy-parents", and those who thought such carping was merely left-wing nonsense; nothing wrong with boats; rowing isn't posh etc etc.


Teaching, Learning, Sharing, Exploring Biology and Science. My teaching adventure and learning path thanks to my students. (by DrAbella)

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Teacher

A blog to challenge the hierarchy of educationalists on twitter and beyond... not really... just some ideas from me.


teaching, learning, thinking, tech (by Eric Jensen)

Joel Pedersen

be that #oneperson

Passion Lives Here!

Curtis Elementary is getting a make-over, and it is extreme! Our building is looking fabulous. I can't wait for the upcoming school year. Students, parents, and staff members will walk into our building to see this exciting transformation. It looks brand new! I can't help but get excited about the journey we are about to begin.

Mack Attack- Alicia Mackall's blog about digital literacy and learning

Here's my 1 minute tutorial of a super easy site that takes your text (quotes, titles, etc.) and makes them look great in a variety of templates. It's free, and there's no registration.

Get Connected | Reports, Commentary & Creativity from Eastside Multimedia Students

It's an example that to be truly engaged you need to be a lifetime learner. No matter how old or how wise we become, we are never to old to learn something new. Teaching and learning about podcasting has now exposed me to what I suspect may be a new leisure time activity.

The Snow Report

I have recently returned from a very busy 5-week overseas trip as part of my sabbatical leave this semester. This trip enabled me to visit a small handful of researchers and academic departments whose interests intersect with mine with respect to language development/disorders, early literacy instruction, and psychosocial aspects of being an adolescent with a language-learning disability.


Resourceaholic - free resources and ideas for teaching secondary school maths

Exploring Authentic Learning

All over NISD, authentic learning is taking place daily.Teachers and students working together to create an instructional culture that is pushing them past their previous best!I received a picture this week from a teacher whose students were selecting their own learning targets and working towards mastery.In the high schools: two

Re-MAKE Learning

I was very honored to be participate in the very first Bright Bytes Research Institute in San Francisco: Re-MAKE Learning: Research Behind Building and Creating. Below is a summary of my experience and reflections.

Tales From The Tank

Teachers have accepted the mission happily! Many have created in-class attendance policies and procedures. They presented students with the guidelines and also some incentives to having perfect attendance. The really cool part is many teachers have created visual displays to keep the students engaged in tracking their attendance.

Speech is Sweet

Don't forget... like you could?! There is a Cyber Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers - everything in my store (including bundles!) is 28% off when you use the code TPTCYBER. Have a fantastic week! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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