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Updated by Hack To Start on Dec 01, 2014
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Hack To Start: A Curated List of the Best Podcast Episodes

All of the Hack To Start podcast episodes of 2014. Hack To Start is a podcast focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success.

Hack To Start | Brandon Waselnuk, Tattoo Hero

Co-Founder & CEO Tattoo Hero - connecting you with the best artists in the world. Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Brandon Waselnuk is the Co-founder and CEO of Tattoo Hero - connecting you to the best tattoo artists in the world.

Hack To Start | Adam Benzion,

Co-founder of, Adam Benzion talks about how to build hardware startups, products for yourself, and how to be open to opportunities.

Hack To Start | Brandon Reti, VP Mobile Breather

VP Mobile at Breather, Brandon Reti shares his insights on building products from more then 10 years experience in the mobile space.

Hack To Start | Ali Zahid, COO Vanhawks

As the COO of Vanhawks, Ali Zahid shares how they became the most crowdfunded kickstarter campaign in Canada and launched the bike of the future.

Hack To Start | Josh Pigford, Founder Baremetics

Maker. Currently building Baremetrics. Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Josh Pigford is the founder of Baremetrics, one-click Saas analytics for Stripe. He shares his experience on creating MVP software products that create value and how to price from day 1. Josh has always been an entrepreneur and a maker of things.

Hack To Start | Andrew Dumont, EIR Betaworks

Entrepreneur In Residence at Betaworks. Forbes 30 under 30. Co-founder of Stride app. Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Andrew Dumont is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Betaworks, an early stage venture capital fund and incubator. He shares with us the importance of having a side project and how targeted partnerships can help you grow (and get acquired).

Hack To Start | Tomas Laurinavicius, Founder Despreneur

Tomas Laurinavicious talks about the importance of thinking big and how you can build a blog based business from anywhere.

Hack To Start | Heather Payne, CEO HackerYou

Founder of @hackeryou & @llcodedotcom. Early investor in @shoplocket. Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Heather Payne is the CEO of HackerYou, Canada's original programming bootcamp and to date, the only one of dozens around North America that was founded by women.

Hack To Start | Adrian Salamunovic, Co-CEO WorkshopX

Co-founder @DNA11/ @CanvasPop / @getcrated. Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Adrian Salamunovic is the co-founder of WorkshopX, a company that invests in, builds and launches great technology businesses like: DNA11, CanvasPop, Crated, and PopKey. He shares how to build compelling stories for your startups and continually get press.

Hack To Start | Andrew Draper, Designer & Developer

I fight for the user * Co-founder TBA * Co-founder of Manpacks, + more * Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Andrew's been building prototypes, testing theories, raising money and building startups for 14+ years. As a long-time entrepreneur, user-experience designer and developer Andrew brings a unique blend of knowledge in web-based mapping, ecommerce and social media.

Hack To Start | Zack Shapiro, Founder of Built In Public

Open-sourcing my creative process working on Built in Public. Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Zack graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Journalism. After sharing some cool ideas with The Next Big Sound, working at TechStars, then Path, he decided he needed to learn how to code.

Hack To Start | Chris Hexton, Co-founder of Vero

Co-founder @veroapp. The easiest way to send data-driven, triggered emails Listen to this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Chris comes from a financial background, but as a self taught developer has always wanted to create his own product. After several years of consulting, he and his co-founder created Vero, a service that triggers emails based on customer behaviour.

Hack To Start | Dominic Coballe, Designer & Maker

Designer/Co-founder of 2 humans and 1 business (@N_Product) View this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Dominic Coballe is the co-founder of N-Product and shares the real challenges of building a physical product, the importance of good design, and the maker movement.

Hack To Start | John O'Nolan, Co-founder

Founder at @TryGhost. Open source, startup life, non-profits, and publishing. View this episode on iTunes & Stitcher John O'Nolan is the co-founder of, a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your stories with the world. He shares his insights on how to create an open-source startup, a successful crowdfunding campaign, and the future of publishing.

Hack To Start | Greg Isenberg, Founder & CEO of 5By

I chase dreams. Founder and CEO of @5byrocks (acquired by @StumbleUpon) View this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Greg Isenberg is founder and CEO of 5By, the best place to find, watch, and share amazing videos. He sold 3 companies by the age of 25.

Hack To Start | Zach Holman, Founder of

Created the okay parts of GitHub Inc. View this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Zach initially worked on what would become GitHub Enterprise and now mostly speaks on the subjects of building products, growing startups, and how to give talks. Zach is the ninth employee at GitHub and the founder of

Hack To Start | Dan Shipper, Co-founder of Firefly

Co-founder of Firefly (acquired '14 by @Pega.) @Penn '14. Jets fan. View this episode on iTunes & Stitcher Dan has been building products since he was in high school. He started blogging in his freshman year of college and has since attracted more than half a million readers.